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Signing up as a tutor.
Username(Smogon): lol look to your left
Username(Showdown!): Anna says hi
Timezone: Complicated, but usually GMT-8 unless I say otherwise
Tiers: BH, have been sharing a ladder peak with Klang for past several weeks and have been working on an article series designed to ease new players into the metagame
Preferred playstyle: Any except Hyper Offense, but I'm most proficient with Stall.
Tutee must have Discord.


It's Megaqwer's Time!
Ransei , I am sure my and quantum's session is over and I look forward to get involved into Almost any ability.
So, here is my details!!

Username: On pokemonshowdown, I will be on one of my 84 alts with "Megaqwer" (megaqwer's friend is not mine) or burningdemonsoul/burningsatansoul/unlistedleafz/call me qwer/dark side attack/ameco ne namico or smth like that.
Tier: Almost any ability.

I would like ti get into a fun meta, and aaa is very fun to play indeed!
Username: Shavedbear (smogon and ps)
Timezone: GMT-4 but I work weird sporadic hours so I'm available at interesting times
Tiers: Preferably BH. I'm passably good at every OM except for hackmons and don't like getting embarrassed in the tours.
Username: Qplaz (Smogon and PS)
Timezone: GMT +10 (until the first Sunday in October, where I become GMT +11)
Tiers: Preferably AAA, but if there's no-one for that I'll happily take STABmons too
Please make me not shit
I would be interested in being tutored in the finer points of BH.
TZ: gmt-5
Username: superSkylake
Available: weekends, Monday/wednesday 3-5 PM, Tuesday and thursday 2-5 PM and Friday all day accept 12 Pm-3PM. Weekends good too.
Ladder ranking 1400-1500 peak, but it's difficult to keep up with metagame trends
I want to hit top 10 or 20 and reach a GXE of 84 or 85% if possible.

dusk raimon

Banned deucer.
I'd like tutoring in almost any ability really struggling right now
Tz: gmt +0
Username: iRaimon
Available weekends my time, and Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, although I'll be on most days but for a good few hours straight on days above.

I'm ok I've gone like 18-1 before but tbh I'm pretty bad and I struggle building good teams and have had to resort to generic builds or samples teams to do decently well and even then I lose to good players.

Looking forward to finally learning how to AAA!
Username: oizo / flying oizo on ps
Timezone: GMT +1 available a lot of time.
Tiers: I'd like to learn about Anything Goes, i've enjoyed reading these discussion on the ressources thread so far, but i'd like to earn a better knowledge to contribute too.

GL Volkner

the stars in the sky are mine
is a Tiering Contributor
Username: VoltDarkrai
Timezone: Mountain Standard Time (GMT -6)
Tier: Balanced Hackmons
Available 16:30 - 17:30 and 21:30 - 23:00 on Mondays through Thursdays (guaranteed, might be available in between 5:30 and 9 depending on what I'm doing that day.)
Available 15:00 - 21:00 on Fridays but might have dinner in between then.
Available 12:00 - 21:00 on weekends, might have lunch and dinner somewhere in between.

I used 24 hour time because I didn't feel like typing "PM." It's irrelevant but I thought I'd say that. If any dates come up where I am unable to be tutored, I'll do my best to provide advance notice.

Balanced Hackmons also seems fun.
Regrettably, I may have to drop this project because of school being a massive bitch and leaving me with very little free time. Sorry SuperSkylake for being absent a lot of the time, and I hope what little advice I could give you is enough until the other tutors free up.
Ransei please take me off the list of tutors until further notice.

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