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Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce that manager signups for OMPL IX are now open. If you would like to manage, please read the following details before signing up.
  • There are 8 teams and each team will have one manager.
    • Managers can choose to signup with a co-manager.
  • Managers are required to participate in the auction to draft their players.
  • Managers can purchase themselves for their teams for 20k if they desire to do so.
    • Co-managers can also be purchased for the same price as managers (20k)
    • All manager purchases must be sent to the hosts (Kris, Sectonia, Think) before the draft, and all of them will be announced in the administrative thread when that goes up.
  • Managers must select the lineup for the week, and send it to the hosts before the week starts. This has been an issue on occasion in past OMPLs, so if you don't think you can do this for the duration of OMPL IX (it's honestly not that complicated), do not sign up.
  • Managers are responsible for their team's behavior. Make sure members of your team are abiding by the rules and remain active.
  • Managers are expected to facilitate substitutions when necessary.
If you can commit for the next two months or so, go ahead and sign up with your prospective team name. Managers will be decided within one week.

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C'est parti pour une nouvelle aventure gman !

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