Tournament OMPL VII - Player Signups

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Co-hosting with E4 Flint

Art by h_n_g_m_n

Welcome to the seventh installment of the Other Metagames Premier League!

Teams (w/ links to Discord)

The tier lineup this year is as follows:
  1. SM Balanced Hackmons
  2. SM Mix and Mega
  3. SM Almost Any Ability
  4. SM STABmons
  5. Bo3 SM Anything Goes
  6. SM ZeroUsed

Find out more about OMPL VII and partake in discussion in the Commencement Thread. Visit the Other Metagames Discord to ask the hosts any questions and to talk to the managers.

Include the following information in your signup post:

Pokemon Showdown name:
Preferred metagames:
Foreseen inactivity:

If you sign up, you are obligated to play for whichever team drafts you.

Signups will be open for 2 weeks. Good luck, have fun everyone!
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