Tournament OMPL VII - Player Signups

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Pokemon Showdown name: Gmansour20
Preferred metagames: MnM (Can play AAA if provided really good teams, but would not reccommend it)
Timezone: GMT +1
Foreseen inactivity: 1st and 4th week of August may be rough but I may be able to connect somehow.

I'm an experienced yet not very successful player, but I can play and test and cheer and build :3
Also I may have decent team synergy with better MnM players, but that's to be discovered.
Good luck to everyone :)
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I got a honorable shoutout so now I feel obligated to sign up
Pokemon Showdown name: SectoniaServant
Preferred metagames: i only play dynamax and mega and hackmons cup(Can do MnM and BH if needed)
Timezone: GMT-4
Foreseen Inactivity: the chances of me being inactive is as likely as flint deciding to announce his secret relationship with volkner, which is unlikely :psyduck:
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