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And lets wrap this up this round, after counting the votes we have that Amir has won this round, providing the thread with its first streak in terms of wins! Really good work, the team will be added to the hall fame shortly (as in at some point in time, havent forgotten about the 1st round team either!)

So with that lets move on to the next round, shall we!

A Washing Machine or a Lawnmowner?

The brotom! We already know how incredible the washing machine is but the lawnmowner has been regarded as a pretty viable option too to pair alongside other water types. Build a team that makes use of either of the rotom forms to the fullest, building with rotom-wash is rather simple but definitely I encourage the use of rotom-cut and show me what it can do! There could be some considerations for rotom-cut builds, who knows!

Round will last until Friday 20th at 11:59 PM GMT -5, voting will happen shortly after.

Thank you everyone for their support and hope you all keep having fun!

VoltTurn Medicham Offense (Click sprites for link)

A very classic Voltturn Offense team with Mega Medicham on it. The idea is to basically just click the pivot moves and get Medicham in while Weavile traps and pressure the ghost and psychics that medicham hates, Weavile is also great because it is one of the very few pokemon in the oras tier that can take on np Thundurus. Torn can absorb most special attackers while rotom and chomper take on physical attackers, while Heatran takes on Clefable and non hp ground volcaronas

Manaphy is a little hard to deal with for this team since it can absorb a lot of hits and setup tail glow but you do have ways to beat it like medicham speed tieing or just straight up outspeeding most manaphys, non energy ball manaphy getting walled by rotom and torn + weavile to outspeed.

This beast is by far the biggest threat to this team if it has the right set, which is modest life orb hp ground your best bet is to just setup hazards and pressure it as much as you can with fake out support and making sure torn and garchomp are very healthy.

Rotom in the cut!

So I tried building with Rotom-M and the idea of this team is to use Rotom-M to bait in Grass-types like Serp, Ferro, Tang and Amoongus and then V-Switch into Volc since it just sets up on them. Rotom-M is scarfed so it can actually pressure faster threats like Keldeo, Manaphy, M. Diancie, M. Zam and so on. Trick is really useful if you face some bulkier team in order to cripple some passive Mons.

Volc spread lets you live CB Weavile Knock Off, M. Lop Fake Out into Return, 2 Gliscor EQ while still outspeeding Mons up to 135 base speed at +1.
Bug Buzz in combination with Giga hits bulky Water-types and M. Lati and Hydreigon. Lum Berry is preffered on this team because then Volc can set up without fearing Serp Glare, Amoonguss Spore and doesnt become useless when Thundy t-waves it.

Keeping hazards off the field is important for Volc to do its job so M. Diancie and Exca accomplish that most of the time. They also kinda deal with Tran since Volc does not have HP Ground.

Now the team just needed some answers to common threats like M. Zam, Serp, Weavile, BP M. Medi. Torn is just a nice overall pivot and handles some of the mentioned Mons well as it is gaining momentum together with Rotom-M. It also brings a ground immunity so Mold Breaker Exca cant just mindlessly click EQ.

Keld takes adventage of the bulky Ground-types that want to stop Rotom-M from spaming V-Switch and on top of that are more often than not able to keep rocks up vs M. Diancie and Exca. 24 HP EVs make sure that Keld doesnt go down to +1 M. Zard X Dragon Claw and if it has Outrage M. Diancie can revenge kill it. Focus Blast is just great to hit Rotom-W, Lati, Tang and Gastro extremely hard.

Team hasnt been tested that much and there is room for improvement for sure.

Threat list: M. Diancie, Volcanion, M. Lop and EQ M. Zard X seemed to be the biggest ones so far but there are ways to overwhelm your opponent with the offensive power of that team in conjunction with the VolTurn core.

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Rotom-Wash and Offensive Clefable Bulky Offense
click for import ->
This team is somewhat rushed, as I wanted to quickly build a new Rotom-Wash team, without showcasing one I already have, so here is the team.
Rotom-Wash is by far one of the best momentum grabbers in the tier, allowing you to safely bring in one of your breakers and apply offensive pressure, for this case, I chose to hide my breaker that being Life Orb Clefable. A nightmare to a lot of offensive teams as the Fairy, Fire, Electric coverage is very nice which hits basically all pokemon in the tier for Super Effective of Neutral damage. I added Garchomp as my way to set up rocks and check pokemon such as Volcarona with Rock Tomb which can exploit the Rotom-Wash as setup fodder. I then needed a steel, I was thinking of going with another offensive pokemon being mega Metagross but I ran into an issue with hazard removal, so I chose Excadrill as the spinner and CM Clefable check. The team had a bit of a Keldeo weakness so Tornadus-Therian was added to the team, Lastly, I needed speed control and as I decided to opt for the defensive Rotom-Wash earlier on, so I went with Mega Alakazam and it enjoys the role Clefable fills of weakening steels and dark types in the tier for Alakazam, Encore is the set I chose as a way to punish Calm Mind and Tail Glow along with help check Gyarados that tries to DD or substitute, outspeed them and lock them into a move.

:Victini: :Tangrowth: :Excadrill: :Lopunny-Mega: :Tornadus-Therian: :Rotom-Wash:

I was originally going to post a mow squad, but I couldn't find something I was satisfied with, so I'm submitting an old team I've had in the back now.

Tl;dr is - you're focusing on victini's cb vcreate wiping holes in any teams that do not have the pokemon named heatran, tyranitar rotom or screens.

Adamant nature because I think its a crime you're unable to snipe clef from full otherwise, and because it makes sure things stay dead, tangrowth is your physical wall, elec resist, yada yada, scarf tom here is really interesting as its helped patch up a major weakness of this team; hyper offense mu, specifically webs. it + lopunny usually helps carry victini to victory, lopunny is also here since its the most splashable mega and is the actual late-game cleaner once victini has nuked everything to kingdom come, torn-t is the universal filler pokemon that takes all special walls.

Would I ever take this team to a tournament? naw do I think its the single most fun team anyway? yeeee legitimately, a lot of fun and a massive noob crusher to anyone who doesn't really know what to expect from this team.


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And lets close it! With that, Jokés team has won this round! Congratulations, it will be included on the hall of fame shortly (I know I havent started it yet but gotta keep reminding myself to do it you know).

And will that we shall proceed to the next round.


This thing is able to do a lot of things virtue that it learns pretty much everything. From an eternal set stallbreaker, to setup sets, to the most unhinged defog set in existence among other stuff. Pretty versatile mon, lets see how you all make use of it in this modern meta. Any set is welcome, creativity is encouraged!

This round will last until January 29 at 11:59 PM GMT -5



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Scarf Trick Mew Snakes Screens HO
Click for import ->
Mew is always a mystery when you face it, you'd mainly think of some taunt set, and would try to shut it down with your Heatran or Taunt Tornadus-Therian to prevent it from going crazy. This set is inspired by the Scarf Cresselia idea I used in the past and works pretty much the same way but with the addition of momentum in the form of U-turn. Serperior was chosen as the screens mon to kick things into gear, while also appreciating the things Mew can manage to lure and cripple. Bisharp and Mega Gyarados form a nice offensive core also referred to as "Dark Meat" which primarly dismantles common balance teams, Landorus-Therian was chosen as the rocker and lastly Zygarde as a nice anti-offensive pressuring tool and completes the triple snake core.

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