Ubers ORAS Ubers Cup VI - Round 2

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Welcome to the ORAS Ubers Cup VI!
  • More information about the tournament circuit can be found here.
  • Information and resources about ORAS Ubers can be be found here.
The Ubers Classic this year consists of 5 cups each featuring a generation ranging from USM to ADV. Players can earn points from their placements in each cup in order to reach the playoffs, a top 16 bracket where they then compete to earn type B points in the Ubers 2023 Circuit.

Tournament Rules:
  • General tournament rules and regulations can be found here.
  • This is a standard ORAS Ubers tournament.
  • Best of three, single elimination.
  • Matches are to be played on Pokemon Showdown!
  • Saving replays is mandatory, in the case of a dispute you must be able to prove that you won your game. I would strongly encourage you to play your games on the Smogon Tournaments PS! Server since it automatically saves replays.
  • Do not make baseless activity posts, get in contact with your opponent and report missed times / scheduling issues only.
  • Standard clauses apply.
  • All the usual Smogon rules regarding activity, timer, disconnection, and cheating rules apply.
ORAS Ubers specific Clauses:
  • Sleep Clause Mod: Limit one foe put to sleep
  • Species Clause: Limit one of each Pokémon
  • Moody Clause: Moody is banned
  • OHKO Clause: OHKO moves are banned
  • Endless Battle Clause: Forcing endless battles is banned
  • Swagger Clause: Swagger is banned
  • SleepTrap Clause: A Pokemon cannot use a move that can inflict sleep status on the opponent if it has the ability Shadow Tag.
  • Rayquaza is not permitted to Mega Evolve.
Round 2:

LucosDiCampos  vs  The Strap
RichardMillePlain  vs  King Billu
Razorgliscor  vs  Hiro'
LBN  vs  MultiPokemon
OreoSpeedruns  vs  Bread Sandwich
Lasen  vs  keys
potato14798  vs  SiTuM
Jhonx~  vs  GotCookies
Terracotta  vs  Huargensy
Ayu  vs  Melle2402 (Extension)
Staxi  vs  Ainzcrad
Brammi  vs  MZ (Extension)
rookierobbie  vs  SpaceSpeakers
Exiline  vs  FatFighter2
corvere  vs  Takatk
Aurora  vs  realaccountami? (Extension)
entrocefalo  vs  Thor
mitana  vs  Nyx
XSTATIC COLD  vs  Sailorgreatest (Extension)
Irene-2002  vs  shadowtime2000
Alpha1013  vs  hariyana grande
Inder  vs  Of Shade
The Gunner  vs  Eledyr
The White Room  vs  Real FV13
yovan33321  vs  Nael222
zagzacg  vs  Highlord
byulharang  vs  skimmythegod
Mister McLovin  vs  March Fires
Tenebricite  vs  TDR
Surfy  vs  Farfromani
Leru  vs  ADF Test (Extension)
fourmi  vs  giove97

Deadline is Sunday April 2 11:59pm GMT-4
extension deadline is Wednesday 29th March 11:59pm GMT-4
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