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Approved as a 48 hour announcement by the OU mod team, thanks guys!
Create-A-Pokemon Project Forums

Back in November of 2007, a user named Cooper made a thread in the current gen OU forum (DPP) about creating Smogon's first custom creation. Syclant was born from that, basically as an attempt to screw Garchomp. That project continued to grow in the OU forum, and its first five projects were created before CAP eventually got its name and was designated to its own forum.

Nowadays, CAP is a huge, multifaceted project with tons of moving parts. We make 3D models, we have pre-evolutions now, and we also have our own metagame. But I'm writing today just to remind y'all of CAP's roots in this forum. Even though OU and CAP have branched off, I think they still have a ton in common. Whether you want to get involved in CAP25 and make a starter trio set of mons, or just hop on the ladder and play the meta, CAP has it all right now! If you're interested in getting involved in CAP, just like you would any other OU forum project, here are a few resources:
  • A primer to getting involved with CAP25 - I just recently wrote this article to help people who are new to CAP get a general idea of how the project works. I know it can be a bit confusing looking at the CAP forum, but this will give you some great preliminary knowledge.
  • SM OU Bazaar - So you may not know this, but the CAP metagame is all of OU + 24 CAPs. You can have anywhere from 0 to 6 CAPs on your team, and most top level players agree that fewer tends to be better. I personally pull teams from the OU Bazaar all the time and use them straight on the CAP ladder. You can always toy with them though as you like. I've recently had a lot of fun with Happyland 2.0 on the CAP ladder, but with some notable tweaks (mainly using Arghonaut > Gastrodon to add Spikes and Unaware). Your OU teams are totally legal within CAP, and often pretty good!
  • Smogon CAP Tournament - There's a CAP tournament going on in the Smogon forums. It's a good place to (hopefully) get some quality matches in the meta. Winner gets a free coffee mug with their favorite CAP on it :)
  • CAP Team Tournament IV - CAP does its own Team Tournament, and each of the six teams is led by CAP veterans who would be happy to show you the tier, especially if you have good enough OU chops. Fink is playing and I dunno if the dude has ever played CAP before, but we're happy to show anyone the ropes.
  • CAP Room on Showdown - The people here have a ton of knowledge on the meta and would love to help!
  • CAP Discord - There's a ton of chat going on here as well, especially about the creation of CAP25.
  • CAP Analyses - The CAP site is a bit out of date, but this analysis forum will do the job.
Thanks for reading and hope to see you out there! This thread will remain open for any questions or comments you guys have; I'll stick around to answer them. Again, thanks to the mods for letting me post this! Peace.
Metagame aside, CAP is also a fantastic community, in my experience (much in part because of Birkal). It's definitely worth checking out and participating in just for that reason.
I myself have had a fantastic experience with CAP. I've met some pretty neat new people and furthermore I've learned a lot about competitive Pokemon as a whole. All in all its a wonderful community full to the brim with great experiences for both Old and New competitive Pokemon players!
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