Tournament OU PLAYER RANKING TOURNAMENT [Preliminary Round]

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Banned deucer.
won v vai lusa to retain my rank gg

what the heck i was being dodged just so he could get out of my reach

btw that was just under 2 hours ago.
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LOIC stay loaded
is a defending Smogon Snake Draft Champion
Genesis7 hey do i have to play littlelucario again today? he says i can't refuse but i challenged him and won already. i want our battle to be tomorrow. what do you think?
well I doubt you only had time to play one game. obviously I expect this to be done by tomorrow now but littlelucario is right you shouldn't be dodging this.
Im gonna wait for littlelucario because his mom just came in and said he can't play and it would be wrong to take the win off of just team preview so im gonna wait until he can play again we will both use same teams
Thanks fam, the mom-copter arrived on the scene precisely 45 minutes before expected.

edit: won on some unfortunate return hax :[
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