Tournament OU PLAYER RANKING TOURNAMENT [Preliminary Round]

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been trying to chall Waluigi The Anime since Tuesday had no reply

I just want to get a matching sorry if my attempt at communication weren't thorough enough

also sorry if I've something along the way which would give him a reason not the accept that I've missed

E: ye so i'm kind-of calling activity
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Contacted RedEmptionMc on Tuesday but never got an answer back, so calling activity

Tele: did absolutely nothing this round.

Lighthouses: did nothing this round.

Confide: did not respond to challenges and made none.

Hec: did not respond to challenges.

Redemptionmc: did not respond to challenges.

Scotti: did nothing this round.

Jhonx~: did nothing this round.

Dominatio: quit mons.

BlazingDark: did nothing this round.

Terry24: did nothing this round.

Waluigi The Anime: did nothing this round.

TropicalTeo: Last seen August 28th.

Kawaii Kyouko: did nothing this round.

EtherialMe: did nothing this round.

Redzonex: did nothing this round.

Baton Mash: did nothing this round.

Gigo: did not respond to challenges.

Failsohard: did not respond to challenges.

Kurukaito: did nothing this round.

Aurious: did nothing this round.

Thueris: did nothing this round.

Haruno: did nothing this round.

Sharp Ladder UU: did nothing this round.

Eternal Spirit: did nothing this round.


SunnyORAS > Will-I-Am: Will-I-Am stopped responding.

FireMonkeyGamer > Exiline: Exiline stopped responding.

Sand1234 > Exiline: Exiline never responded.

This was just me scratching at the surface of activity calls, I really tried to make this thing work and I hate to quit on things but unfortunately I think this tour is a lost cause already. People high up are too eager to sit on their places and the people who joined late or were ranked low have too much of a climb for it to matter to them. I tried to remedy this with additional rules to Mambo's original format but it did nothing. Thank you to those who actually cared about this tour and tried their best to play, notably Littlelucario and imsosorrylol. I was hoping that people would actually care about just playing pokemon for the fun of it if I put it in this subforum but I guess not. Obviously I had a lapse of judgement somewhere in the planning phase of all this so if someone wants to try pick up the pieces and revive this, be my guest. bludz Celticpride gonna give this up so lock it please.
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