Tournament OU PLAYER RANKING TOURNAMENT [Preliminary Round]

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how does this work in regards to who battles who first? p2 vmed me to play for my spot but i obviously would like to play sabella first, can i still attempt to play sabella or what?
btw lol at my rank who put me this high?
you'll have to be smart about it, because if you don't beat sabella and can't get your game done with p2 in time you could lose on activity for that battle. It's up to you who you battle first though.

Won in a tight one vs GTM to move up 1. gg bro.

Just a bit unsure about the rules - if someone below me challenges and beats me, can i rechallenge them straight after or do i have to wait 24 hours?

I shouldn't even be in the top 20 but ty for the generous ranking lmao
yes you can battle them again right away if they agree, 24 hour rule only comes into effect if the challenger loses.

Since Blackoblivion subbed out, can I challenge scotti to move up.
Yes, subs will be placed in last place in the standings. Don't see a low ranking as a death sentence however, I will be doing weeks where you can jump more spaces than just 1 in a single battle and there will be incentives for whoever gets the most wins in a single week.
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won vs redemption

also if u win a game to keep ur spot can you rechall the person ahead of u immediately? or should i still wait 24 hrs
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