Tournament OU Premier League II: Player Sign-ups

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Co-Hosted with Team Pokepals and starry blanket
Approved by OU moderating team
Welcome to the 2nd OUPL! The OU moderating team and I have decided to give this another go, and hopefully everything goes according to plan this time around.

The details are identical as last time, and are as follows:
  • There will be 6 teams
  • The slots for each team will be:
    • 3 ORAS OU
    • 1 BW OU
    • 1 DPP OU
    • 1 ADV OU
    • 1 GSC OU
    • 1 RBY OU
  • SPL inactivity rules will be applied
This year's teams and managers are as follows:

Jirachee- Twinleaf Thunder
Kratosmana- Menacing Metagrosses
Tokyo Tom- TOPSZN Noctowls
Zamrock- Dashing Dragonites
Finchinator- Inhumane Infernapes

Please use the following format for your sign up posts:
Tiers played:
All non signup posts will be deleted.

Deadline will be 2 weeks from now
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Username: Thenegativetwo
Tiers played: ORAS, BW, RBY
Timezone: GMT+10
Availability: Pretty much all the time unless I go holiday or something like that.
Username: rioarioYT
Tiers played: ORAS OU, BW OU, RBY OU
Timezone: GMT +10
Availability: Anytime outside of school. (message for more details if required)
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