Tournament OU Premier League II: Player Sign-ups

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Username: caiopfvr
Tiers played: ORAS OU, DPP OU
Timezone: GMT +3
Availability: everyday!


Santa Catarina State, Brazil
9 times Regional OU Champion
2015 Santa Catarina Pokémon League Champion
Owner of "O Mold Breaker", the biggest competitive blog from Latin America
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Username: Baxstenias
Tiers played: ORAS OU
Timezone: PDT (GMT - 7:00)
Availability: Decently active (have some internet issues atm :[ )


The Stall Lord
is a Tiering Contributor
Username: Zokuru
Tiers played: BW / ADV / GSC / RBY
Timezone: GMT +2
Availability: I'm pretty active
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