Tournament OU Premier League II: Player Sign-ups

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Elle est crème comme Nivea, facile comme niveau 1.
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Username: Dlanyer
Tiers played: ORAS
Timezone: +2
Availability: chall me when ready ^^
Username: FY2.0/Eko
Tiers: ORAS OU,UU,RU,NU and PU,and DPP OU!
Timezone: France,GMT+2
Availability: When you want,but after school will be great!
(i know you doesn't know me,so if you want to test my level pm me=])
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Andy Snype

Mr. Music
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username: steven snype / andrew
tiers: DPP / ADV / RBY
Timezone: GMT -4
Availability: not this weekend, but most other ones should be good. im finishin up uni so dont expect me to be too free on weekends, but i can be available.

bb skarm

the new me is just gone take some getting used to
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Username: bb skarm
Tiers played: DPP OU, BW OU, ORAS OU
Timezone: East Coast (Georgia)
Availability: I play baseball, I get home around 7 and usually only wanna play from 8-10 on weekdays. Weekends depend if I have plans or not
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