Past Gens Championships 2018 Qualification

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2018 Spreadsheet

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Earlier this year, it was announced that there'd be a Past Gens circuit for every past generation's OU tier.

It was decided in the above post there would be 3 tournament categories: Type A, Type B and Type C, each offering points towards qualification for either the
BW OU or
ORAS OU championship.

Type A tournaments would give 60% of the maximum points, with Type B giving 30% of maximum points, and Type C giving 10% of maximum points.

The system and the base points we use are almost the same as M Dragon's described below, with some necessary extensions:
We will divide the tournaments in 3 groups:

Type A: The biggest tournaments. This includes seasonals and grand slam.
Type B: Current gen tournaments. Big tournaments featuring exclusively current gen that are not as big as seasonals.
Type C: Smaller tournaments.

We give points to players that have won at least 1 round.
For example, I designed this:

So the winner of any tournament gets 500 points, 2nd place gets 375, etc
The difference between #3 and #2 is much greater than the difference between someone who lost in quarterfinals and someone who lost in semifinals.
In this way we reward players that consistently finish tournaments in good positions.

And... how are total points calculed?
The idea is simple: each player will have a number of type A tournament points (I will call them Points A), a number of type B tournament points (Points B) and a number of type C tournament points (Points C).
There will be another kind of points I will call equivalent points.

We will give the different tournament types a maximum number of equivalent points.
For example: Type A will have a maximum of 2500 equivalent points, Type B a maximum of 1700 equivalent points, and Type C a maximum of 800 equivalent points

This means that a player that has won every tournament A will have 2500 equivalent points, and a player that has won everything will have 5000 equivalent points (2500 + 1700 + 800)

And how are the equivalent points calculated for the other players?
I will explain it with an example.

In this example I am the player with most points (1750 points), so I get the 2500 equivalent points A.
Since Luigi is a noob and only has 467 points, 467 * 2500 / 1750 = 667 equivalent points.

We do the same with points B and points C, and the final ranking is determined by the total equivalent points of all 3 kind of tournaments.

Type A tournaments, collectively worth 60% for every past generation, are divided into:

Classic Cup (including unofficial ORAS, worth 30%)
ORAS I: March 3rd - April 26th 2018 / BW IV: March 26th - June 9th 2018 / DPP IV: April 2nd - June 10th 2018
ADV IV: April 2nd - June 10th 2018 /
GSC IV: April 9th - June 9th 2018 / RBY IV: April 9th - June 9th 2018
Global Championship (worth 30%)
RBY OU 4: January 6th - May 9th 2018 / GSC OU 1: February 1st - May 2nd 2018 / ADV OU 1: May 18th - August 14th 2018
DPP OU 1: June 10th - September 20th 2018 / BW OU 1: July 13th - October 26th 2018 / ORAS OU 1: August 16th 2018 -

Type B tournaments, collectively worth 30% for every past generation, are divided into:

Smogon Tour live tournament (BW OU, ORAS OU, worth 2.5%) x18 [Maximum playable: 12]
ST25: March 16th 2018 - May 13th 2018 / ST26: September 14th 2018 - November 11th 2018
RoA Tour live tournament (RBY OU, GSC OU, ADV OU, DPP OU, worth 2.5%) x12
RoAT II: November 3rd 2017 - December 24th 2017 / RoAT III: June 2nd 2018 - July 22nd 2018

Type C tournaments, collectively worth 10% for every past generation, are divided into:

RoA Ladder Tournament Ladder (worth 5%)
RoALT II: January 10th - March 10th 2018
RoA Standard Tournament (worth 5%)
RoAST III: August 9th - September 24th 2018

Base Points.png
Type A Points 2018.png
Smogon and RoA Tour Points.png
RoALT Points 2018.png
RoAST Points 2018.png

Past Gen Championships Scaling / Modification

Given the lowest proportion is 2.5% (Smogon Tour / RoA Tour), we need to see if it goes wholly into all other proportions. It goes into the Type A ones 12 times, so we set Smogon Tour / RoA Tour as Base Points (500 points maximum), Classic Cup / Global Championship 12x Base Points and RoA Ladder Tournament Ladder / RoA Standard Tournament worth 2x Base Points.

For Global Championships, we made no distinction between 2-0 wins and 2-1 wins or being eliminated 0-2 and 1-2, so your rank is determined by what round you got to, the same as with the single elimination Classic Cups.

Since RoA Tour II and III featured 16 man and 24 man tournaments, we extended the charts to feature those sizes.

For the RoALT II ladders, we took the 2nd rank points and the 3rd-4th rank points and made 2 even drops between them so there'd be different points for 3rd and 4th ranks, and likewise we did 4 even drops between 3rd-4th and 5th-8th rank points to get points for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th (the last recorded ranks).

Finally for RoAST II, apart from the grand finals, you can win a maximum of 1 tier each round, so we just counted each tier win. This is not ideal since if you win 2-0, you wouldn't be motivated to play the last battle, but this was deemed the best solution. The maximum tier wins (6 for a 64 man) were given as if you were ranked 1st in a tournament, with the maximum - 1 given as if you were 2nd, etc. RoAST also depends on other tiers to progress.

RoA / Smogon Tour / RoALT / Classic Cups are part of a playoffs system, so you may not be motivated to play once you are guaranteed in the playoffs. RoA and Smogon Tour additionally don't motivate you to play again if you've won on a Friday or Saturday, so a goal for next year is to improve the alerting of this if these tournaments are indeed included.


tjdaas will host the signups (qualification-only) and all of the actual championships in one thread each. The signups will open following the conclusion of ORAS OU Global Championship. The championship format will be 16-man first-to-2-wins, with play-ins to break ties for last seeds (entry into the 16), and win ratio to break other ties.

Note: The points in the spreadsheet have not finished being collected. I will update this thread with more information gradually.
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Type C: RoALT Points (2x Base)

║ RoA Ladder Tournament II ║__________________ RBY OU__________________ ║ Points ║______ GSC OU______║ Points ║______ADV OU____ ║ Points ║______DPP OU______║ Points ║__________BW OU__________║ Points ║____ ORAS OU____ ║ Points ║
║____________1st__________ ║______________ The Idiot Ninja______________║__1000__║______sulcata______║__1000__║______Zokuru____ ║__1000__║____ hellpowna____║__1000__║__________ dom__________ ║__1000__║ Century Express ║__1000__║
║____________2nd__________ ║____________________ dom____________________║__ 750__║____ Melle2402____ ║__ 750__║____ snøfall____ ║__ 750__║ byronthewellwell ║__ 750__║________ The Kyle________║__ 750__║______Zokuru____ ║__ 750__║
║____________3rd__________ ║ Gurpreet Patel (Sent you a Friend Request) ║__ 625__║______ Zokuru______║__ 625__║____ The Kyle____║__ 625__║__The Idiot Ninja ║__ 625__║__________Rewer__________║__ 625__║______ dom______ ║__ 625__║
║____________4th__________ ║__________________ Zokuru__________________ ║__ 500__║__Century Express__║__ 500__║ The Idiot Ninja ║__ 500__║______Arch€r______║__ 500__║__________Oibaf__________║__ 500__║________p2______ ║__ 500__║
║____________5th__________ ║__________________ snøfall__________________║__ 450__║______snøfall______║__ 450__║__Alfredo_Rivero ║__ 450__║______ Drud______ ║__ 450__║________Melle2402________║__ 450__║______Oibaf______║__ 450__║
║____________6th__________ ║____________________fatty__________________ ║__ 400__║ Drogba In Shenhua ║__ 400__║______ Drud______║__ 400__║____ The Kyle____ ║__ 400__║________ snøfall________ ║__ 400__║__cb aaron judge ║__ 400__║
║____________7th__________ ║__________________The Kyle__________________║__ 350__║________PDC________║__ 350__║____Melle2402____║__ 350__║______ Dream______║__ 350__║__________Arch€r________ ║__ 350__║____ Dlanyer____ ║__ 350__║
║____________8th__________ ║__________________windsong__________________║__ 300__║______ Arch€r______║__ 300__║______Lycans____ ║__ 300__║____ Melle2402____║__ 300__║ -PkmTrainerBlue-, StepC ║__ 300__║____Melle2402____║__ 300__║
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Sorry, I scaled Smogon Tour live tournaments as 1.67% originally (a couple of weeks ago), since there were 18 tournaments per gen per year as opposed to 12 RoA Tours, but since you can only play 2/3 of Smogon Tour ones as opposed to all of RoA Tour ones, and the most significant sum is the maximum points you can achieve, I've set Smogon Tour and RoA Tour to both be worth 2.5% now. The benefit of this is the maximum multiplier is now × 12 instead of × 36, making points smaller (mostly by 3 × ).
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