Phobias and fears

So, do you (or does somebody you know) have a strange fear or phobia? Personally, I'm afraid of my body or any of my extremities getting stuck in a small opening (like a ring stuck on a finger or altogether stuck in a pipe or something). Also I'm particularly afraid of dying (could be thanatophobia)

As for other people, I'm friends with this one girl who has podophobia (feet) and 2 or 3 people with coulrophobia (clowns)

Fear: be afraid or feel anxious or apprehensive about a possible or probable situation or event
Phobia: an anxiety disorder characterized by extreme and irrational fear of simple things or social situations

That means that a phobia is a disorder, a fear is just a feeling

(If you name a phobia, it would probably be helpful to define it like "...arachnophobia (spiders)...")
For the longest time I had an upright fear of holding babies. I was so scared I would drop them, and it was probably from lack of experience. Only recently when my brothers started having kids have I gotten past that.

Along with that I had a fear of things towering over, sorta like the opposite of fear of heights. When I was younger a book case sorta fell on me, and it was just a fear that if I looked at at the Sears tower or anything else from up close, it would fall on me. Repeated rides on roller coasters solved that up right quick. That particular fear is what made roller coasters even more fun for me for a while.

So yeah, I've confronted both my fears.


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I have a fear of open, exposed spaces. Also a fear of bees/wasps, and a strange aversion to fleecy/suedey/velvety material. Like nails on a chalkboard -_-
strange aversion to fleecy/suedey/velvety material. Like nails on a chalkboard -_-
This reminds me, I can't stand the feeling of middle of the road quality paper napkins. Fast food restaurant napkins are fine, so are those nice paper napkins you get that almost seem like cloth, but not in the middle. In that case, I can barely stand getting my utensils out of my napkin

Are you scared of your penis getting stuck in a vagina?
Only if it was tight enough that it started to cut off circulation, therefore presenting the possibility of me losing my dick. In that case yeah I would really freak out if that happened
Arachibutyrophobia: The phobia of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth. Gives me nightmares
but in all seriousness, I took a quick peek at the thread title and thought it said Phineas and Ferb.
I have a fear of mushrooms. I keep imagining a giant, squishy, slimy mushroom to suddenly sprout out of somewhere and leave mush everywhere. And I definitely would not want one of those places to be my mouth.

I found new and creative ways to use tweezers
Should I sig this then?
I'm terribly insectophobic but I had to do an insect collection for school last year so that was somewhat helped (although I found new and creative ways to use tweezers (TIK don't quote that out of context) so that I never had to pick any up with my actual hands).
Arachnophobic, Same fear with the materials as WB, I also have a fear of getting food on my bare skin everywhere except my fingers. This includes the palm of my hands. I'm also have a fear of hairdressers.
I have a horrrrible fear of needles. I can't even look at a syringe without tensing up, and if someone brings a needle near me I usually start to cry and panic. Which sucks, because I recently got a couple vials of blood taken, and may have to go back again soon.

I understand its really irrational, considering most needles are meant to cure you or prevent harm, but i'd rather take a bullet to the face than a needle in my veins hah
That reminds me that I have a fear of eye injuries. I can't stand imagining bloody eyes or anything sharp hitting them.

Sorry if that was gross.
The closest thing I have to a phobia is probably styrofoam. The squeaky noise it makes and its awkward texture is a "brown note" to me.

In a similar vein, marker pens on whiteboards. There's something about the weird noise they make which screws with me, like how most people hate nails on a blackboard.

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I'm extremely coulrophobic. It's difficult for me to sleep if there's a picture that has a clown in it present in the room.

A sound I really hate is the sound of a metal spoon scraping against a cooking pot or other metallic object. It's noisy as heck and makes me shiver everytime I hear it.


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Oh okay I lied, I have a deathly fear of losing my right hand(drawing hand) or eyesight (FUUUU--)
but those aren't really weird fears considering my profession. :c

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