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1: You mention that you think Syclant is underrated, but on the flip side, are there any mons you think are overrated at the moment?
2: What do you think would be the best way to improve the current state of DPP CAP?
3: What are your favorite mainline series games?
4: What is your favorite spin-off game(s)?
5: Why are you still salty about losing to Darek?
6: Why are you watching children's nursery rhymes on YouTube?
7: Train A is traveling at 60 mph and train B is traveling 80 mph. Train A passes a station at 9:10 pm. If train B passes the same station at 9:25 pm, at that time will train B catch up to train A?
1. In the games I’ve played, Argonaut rarely performs like the S tier (or A+ rank, I forget) that it’s supposed to be. It’s extremely predictable and has some pretty awful coverage even with being one of the only Knock Off users left.
2. Ban Krillowatt. It’s the number 1 reason why the same spikes fat balance teams you see every game are so successful. If you’re not running clef or some other dedicated check, krill will just do insane damage every time it comes in.
3. BW2 or Emerald, dunno which
4. The Rumble series
7. 10:10 I think idk I did this in my head you fuckin nerd

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1.) What is your least liked CAP generation? What don’t you like about it in particular?
2.) What changes would you make to Krilowatt / Revenankh in the DPP metagame outside of banning them altogether?
3.) Are there any Pokémon you are excited to use in the home update this upcoming week?
4.) What Pokémon do you think is slept on the most in DPP CAP for being underrated for what it does?
1.) What is your least liked CAP generation? What don’t you like about it in particular?
2.) What changes would you make to Krilowatt / Revenankh in the DPP metagame outside of banning them altogether?
3.) Are there any Pokémon you are excited to use in the home update this upcoming week?
4.) What Pokémon do you think is slept on the most in DPP CAP for being underrated for what it does?
1. BW CAP. from what I’ve seen it keeps a lot of the issues I don’t like about BWOU. it’s better, but that’s not saying much at all lmao
2. I’d probably remove Copycat from krill and do something to make it lean more into its physical side, whether thatd be by increasing atk or nerfing spatk I’m not sure. I think most of the issues with kril lie in the fact that its special strength leaves only already borderline mons (clef and rev) as decent checks, so I think a physically biased kril would actually do a lot of good for the meta. As for rev, I actually wouldn’t change much about it now aside from maybe removing knock or ice punch to lower the amount of sort of unnecessary good matchups it has into unsuspecting mons.
3. not really actually lol
4. Quagsire is actually fairly decent. checks a lot of mons outside of the obvious kril like zap, ttar, starmie, and some clohms. what makes it really hard to fit is that it has like the worst matchup vs. clef in the entire meta
:hemogoblin: Interview #6 - spoo :arcanine:
Tell us a bit about yourself outside of Smogon.
I’m 22, I’m from Austin, went to college for a while in Ohio (philosophy major woo), now back in Texas trying to find a summer job. I have one more semester of college left before I graduate and I plan to take it abroad in Berlin during the fall, which I’m very excited about. I like spending as much time with my friends as possible, usually consisting of going out to bars/clubs these days. Other current hobbies include playing Zelda TOTK for 16 hours straight and listening to music, mostly alt rock/folk/indie and wherever those intersect. Wish I had other big interests besides Pokemon but sadly I’m too far gone.

What is the origin of your username?

“spoo” is a shortening of “2spoopy4u” (real ones remember). I don’t know how I even landed on that original username, I think I had a bunch of alts back in 2016/17 and 2spoopy4u was just the one I happened to use the most when I talked in the CAP PS room.

What got you into CAP?

My memory is a little hazy at this point, but I think I saw an advertisement for Crucibelle’s release back in ORAS and that’s what got me to look into the tier more. At the time, I was exclusively a 1400-1500 OU ladder player getting tired of the metagame, and CAP just felt like a breath of fresh air. I talked a little in the PS room, lurked the forum threads and voted in some polls, disappeared for most of Gen 7, and came back to Pokemon when COVID hit and I had nothing better to do. Somehow got swept up into the format and the rest is history.

What is your favorite CAP Pokemon?

Hemogoblin my son

What is your favorite regular Pokemon?

Arcanine or Growlithe

What is your favorite CAP art submission that didn’t win?

Golurkyourself’s entries for CAP30 were some of the best submissions ever. The books are so iconic now that I can’t complain in the slightest, but man, Golurk’s moths were great. Every detail about them felt cohesive and well thought out, but they also just looked cool as hell.


What is your favorite generation of CAP?

Probably ORAS, but SS comes close

What is your favorite CAP OM?

Im the CAP 1v1 undisputed goat all the other OMs are goofy

What would you say are your biggest contributions?

Becoming Smogon Super Moderator Admin and CAP Community Ultra LeaderMan and winning CAPPL four five times and TLing three times and winning circuit championships and getting CAP into SPL (Three slots btw) and funding a $10,000 money tour (biggest tour ever) and also settling down with the woman of my dreams i love her so much in a beautiful mid century modern home on the coast ofMaine and i win every tour also
-me from the future, probably

What is your favorite part of the CAP process?

Brain says concept submissions. Heart says art submissions. It’s probably art submissions

What is a lesson you learned from a recent CAP process/buff process?

I’m always right and everyone else is always wrong. Sometimes other people are right too but I’m more right

What is your favorite moment from a CAP Tournament?

Hard to say, there are a lot! Playing D2 in the 2022 Circuit Finals was a series I had been looking forward to for a long time and ended up being an absolutely great bo3. The first teamtour I played in (CAPPL 6 Galactic Astrolotls) is also nostalgic to me as a whole––it was where I first met some people I now consider very close friends like Wulf, snake, and Voltage. One moment I remember vividly from that tour was when Voltage took stresh’s first and only loss across like 13 teamtour games. I think he just fished with HO and weather, and luck was definitely on his side at times, but it was a huge underdog victory for our team. (We did not go on to make playoffs.) My real favorite moment though is probably playing Bossaru in that one Winter Seasonal. Genuinely the most fun I’ve ever had prepping or playing versus someone. Like, when else can you get away with loading a level 31 Grookey and level 4 Dwebble on HO and win 2-0. I couldn’t stop laughing for the entire series.

Thoughts on the current Gen 9 CAP metagame?

It hasn’t been great so far, but I’m optimistic that it will get better. Tera is weird but I’m more a fan of it than not. I honestly thought Pre-Home SV was quite fun for a while, but at some point it became ridiculously stale and unenjoyable. Post-Home has been fun too, especially with Hemogoblin, but that might just be the novelty talking. I think if you compare SV to SS, though, both Pre- and Post-Home SS were worse than the respective metagames in SV, and SS ended up a super fun gen. So here’s hoping that SV trends upwards as well.

If you could change one thing about the mechanics of Pokemon, what would it be?

Toxic, Will-O-Wisp, and Thunder Wave are 100% accurate. In the same vein, port over the PLA Frostbite mechanic where Freeze is just Wisp that halves SpA.

Hopes for The Teal Mask/The Indigo Disk?

Ice Spice gym leader

Can you share a team that you are proud of?

Pretty much everything I have is outdated because of Home or the recent bans, but I’ll edit something in here after it’s used in CAPPL this week

Anything else you want to say to the viewers at home?

Contribute more to the CAP metagame forum, most of our projects have super low activity! Post your teams in the meta discussion thread after you’re eliminated from a tournament. Make VR noms and respond to other people’s noms. Post your predictions for CAPPL games, or if you’re feeling ambitious, do some game recaps. Also please write analyses.

Shoutout my mama Shoutout 5ot Shoutout Hemogoblins we win CAPPL We on top Shoutout my ohio gyatts ohio rizz Fuck 12 Fuck Jake Gyllenhal Ronald Reagan Nancy Reagan Gorex all my opps Thank you and goodnight.

Ty spoo! You can now ask your own questions!


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woah wait,m
ask spoo quesoitns???? I Come With PLenty

[1] spoo., what's ur favorite pokemon to build with? LEGO TOWERS DO NOT COUNT!! I MEAN THE TEAMBUILDDER!!

[2] spootl what's yuor opinion on ohio after having been born in texas?

[3] spoopert, the People must know: how do you feel about the cherry wood type in micnecrtafte??

[4] _cg, what do you think is the most iconic out-of-context quote from the cap discord server

[5] spoogle what was it about crucibelle's release that encouraged you to check cap out? I know what my answer would be but

[6] spoon; which pokemon would you unban from ubers, and why?

[7] spoopy whts something you look forward to during your trip to berling? (i aske, as i have been to berln germoney before and it was pretty cool......)

Uh Oh! This Next Question Is Sponsered By Pride Month! disclaimer iam not homoesexual they offer $20 worth of whiteboard eraser s
[8] SPOOOO who is yourt favorite GAY ACTOR OF CINEMA/TELEVISION FAME?? please note the usage of ACTOR, and not ACRTTRES.. anyone who would consdier themself an ACTRESS will DISQUALIFY!! your answer

[9] Favorite showdown alt?

[10] spoofus, the day will come that all will be held accountable for their actions. hhow do you convince smogon user RUMIA that the airport luggage belt malfunction had nNOTHIng to do with you smuggling 9.4 Metric Tons of Loam Topsoil out of cleveland?

[11] spoodles wats something you would like 2 see cap do in the futeure?

[12] spppp, what's a restaurant u like that most people u know do not? can be anything from sit-down family diners to the mickey d's of the world

[13] spu—what's a gæme you are very excited to have release? not limited to just this yuear, do not woryy./

[14] sbooose,. what would you consider to be the most unusual and mildly threatening thing i've said off the cuff? you can screenshot it if you want

this. is the finale quesiton i have prepared. you must answer truthfully; courageously; and most of all, honorably. take your time to answer.
[15] spoo, what part of cap 32 and hemogoblin surprised you the most? was it a particular outcome, or something you learned during the process?


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I killed JFK
dude go outside

anyway spoopert,

1. where
2. when
3. if you're playing over a major IV leading to a backdoor ii-V in a post bop context what scales and arpeggios would be most effective to demonstrate the woe inherent to finding out your cat ate your favorite hoodie?
4. who is todd
5. why do I keep losing at wordle
6. how come I miss you so much
7. why you don't are playing more runescape thats fucked up
8. top 5 music recs based on your spotify top 100 songs for each of the last 5 years


  • What are the 3 philosophers you hate the most?
  • How assured is our crushing victory this pl?
  • Best and worst thing about ohio?
  • Can you crank that soulja boy?
  • Most overrated and underrated mons in swsh cap?
  • Was this post sponsored by the wifi wolfpack?
  • Stupidest moral hypothetical (eg the trolley problem), that you've covered in philosophy?
  • FMK: Jeremy Strong, Mark Strong, The other Jeremy Strong (children's author)
  • How sad will you be when I assassinate ice-spice?
  • Answer this version of the trolley problem.The trolley is coming towards the junction of two tracks. It is set to go right. There is nobody on the right track or left track. However, if you pull the lever, you get to wave at the people inside. Do you pull it?
Time! spoo can still answer questions, but further questions should cease.

It's now nomination time!

Also I'm not gonna be around at all next week, and it may go into the following week, so this fortnight might be a little longer than usual.

My vote:
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