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Answers are finally here! Sorry for the wait, everyone.

:kitsunoh: Interview #7 - Piyush25 :bulbasaur:

Tell us a bit about yourself outside of Smogon.
Currently 19 and 3rd year at college. I love playing cricket(Indian lol),football and badminton. Usually spend my time watching space and science stuff on youtube :p . I also like to listen to a lot lot of music.

What is the origin of your username?
Its just my irl name plus my roll number at school when I made the account. I have wanted to change it several times but o well memories ig.

What got you into CAP?
I think it was capcl 2021. when Spitfire asked me to sign up lol. Since then, I loved the meta and especially the community being so nice and passionate in their work, so stuck around.

What is your favorite CAP Pokemon?
Design wise its probably Kitsunoh. It looks cool and has a cool typing.Competitive wise its def arghonaut. Too good at what it does and somehow seems to check every mon. Equilibra is also very cool both in design and competitive

What is your favorite regular Pokemon?
Bulbasaur, its so cute :D

What is your favorite CAP art submission that didn’t win? (This question is NOT meant to disparage winning artists, but rather to bring up artists that have not. Please do not attack winning submissions.)
There are so many I love. All of cap contributors are talented as fuck. But maybe
By Sunfished
Honorable mentions include Ausma,Quanyalis and Darek

What is your favorite generation of CAP?
I like sm,ss,sv cap but favorite is probably ss cz the meta feels balanced and many cap mons are viable/good.

What is your favorite CAP OM?
cap 1v1 :D although the counter mirror coat krilowatt set is too cheap

What would you say are your biggest contributions?
In cap,probably making Coalossal and Miasmaw ranked lol and also to convince spoo that psyspam is good

What is your favorite part of the CAP process?
Definitely the design part. We get to see so many cool ideas and designs

What is a lesson you learned from a recent CAP process/buff process?
Either the mons are too good or completely unviable no inbetween

What is your favorite moment from a CAP Tournament?
Capcl semis where I used the infamous illegal Necturna set(shell smash+stored power).
Marsandback vs Tier and garett writing s/o in vc are also epic

How are you liking Gen 9 CAP?
Its def very fun, I dont like tera but u cant ask for everything

If you could change one thing about the mechanics of Pokemon, what would it be?
Ban regenerator cz fuck regenerator

Hopes for The Teal Mask/The Indigo Disk?
Hope we get a mon that beats Gambit and Tusk

Can you share a team that you are proud of?
Its illegal as fuck now but who doesnt like shed tail+Miasmaw

Anything else you want to say to the viewers at home?
I hope we all will be able to quit mons soon (and thanks for voting)

Thanks Piyush! You can now ask your own questions!


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fuck off piyush this is my thread again

greetings spoo
greetings brambane

In excruciating detail, which CAP would you rework and how would you do it?
131 speed lumina crash kerfluffle

Who is the funniest user on Smogon?
i had a whole long thing typed up here where i praised a bunch of different users but it was too earnest and cringe so idk ill just say lasen or like one or two people that post in smogoff

What is your tournament match that keeps you up at night?
honestly there arent many Ls that really bother me! i try to have a positive mindset abt stuff like that, but i also haven't had many opportunities to play super high-stakes games in the first place, and i don't really take this game as seriously as a lot of ppl Lol so if i lose it's usually no big deal after the initial sting wears off. the "biggest" games i've lost are prob the circuit finals vs d2 (i wasn't expecting to win anyways and the set was fun so idrc) and capcl finals tiebreak vs myjava (got lucked but played out the endgame poorly) and neither of them really haunt me. there was a dumb oras game vs ong that i choked in capcl too but it was pretty inconsequential in the overall tour so w/e. moral of the story i need to start taking way more embarrassing losses

What are the best three pizza toppings?
i like things simple. why fix what isn't broken? the ideal slice of pizza is just crust, sauce, and cheese. some pepperoni or basil can be fine sometimes too, but look, here's the deal: stack on enough toppings and you can mask a shitty slice of pizza just fine, but when it's only the bare essentials, every ingredient is on full display. there's nowhere for the pizza to hide. it's either good, or it's bad. you have perfect clarity. yeah, sure, sometimes i'm in the mood for some extra meat or veggies on top, but it all starts at the bottom. you cant have anything if you dont have a good slice of classic cheese pizza.

Is spaghettis soup?
does the pope shit in the woods?

What show or movie changed your life?
ok ngl i have watched embarrassingly few movies in my life LOL like just for example i've never seen anything by wes anderson or the cohen brothers, or probably a lot of other famous directors. it's actually a huge media & cultural knowledge gap in my life and i'd like to remedy it but im a lazy bum so idk when that will happen. TV shows are a different story though! i dont think i'd go as far as to say any "changed my life," but there are plenty of shows that are meaningful to me on a personal level. i grew up watching every single episode of adventure time as it aired weekly so it's a super nostalgic show for that reason. MHA and naruto (cringe) are the shows that first got me into anime/manga, which later became fairly big interests, so ig those are relevant too. i also have a lot of good memories watching/talking about the final season of succession with my friends, very epic show that will stick in my mind for a while.

Spoopert, who is your favourite philosopher, and why is it Diogenes?
i'm such a bad philosophy major dude idk anything outside of what i've learned in the 7/8 classes i've taken and i barely ever do the readings for them so yeah LOL diogenes is a familiar name but i truly dont know anything about him. people always ask me who my favorite philosopher is and i never really have a great answer, but gun to my head, i'd probably say aristotle. he's the normie answer but i think it's really insane the degree of influence he's had on our modern science, politics, ethics, literally anything, when all of his ideas back almost 2500 years. i've had to read his literature on virtue/morality for a couple different classes and it's amazing how well these ideas have aged, and how these ideas continue to be some of the most celebrated and powerful philosophical texts even to this day (and rightfully so!)

woah wait,m
ask spoo quesoitns???? I Come With PLenty

[1] spoo., what's ur favorite pokemon to build with? LEGO TOWERS DO NOT COUNT!! I MEAN THE TEAMBUILDDER!!
definitely lego gyarados that guy is sick as fuck oh u mean in the teambuilder okay uhhhh probably SS heatran especially if its on offense

[2] spootl what's yuor opinion on ohio after having been born in texas?
underrated as hell! the state has its flaws but it represents everything great about the midwest. absolutely beautiful weather in summer/spring, incredible vivid nature in the fall, cleveland is extremely livable + has a thriving arts scene + great public transportation etc, the other major urban centers (columbus/cincinnati/toledo) are great in their own right too, there are surprisingly nice beaches (lake erie), a lot of the home architecture in rural towns/suburbs is so cute and makes the state rly pretty to drive through, i could go on! while the politics aren't great atm, it's actually very diverse politically (swing state) and is far from whatever republican cesspool that some people think it is. the state has a negative perception fsr but it's largely unearned, i think it's honestly better than texas in most regards

[3] spoopert, the People must know: how do you feel about the cherry wood type in micnecrtafte??
i fw it heavy, shit looks awesome, the pink planks/stripped wood dont go well with a lot of stuff but when they look good they look great

[4] _cg, what do you think is the most iconic out-of-context quote from the cap discord server
Screen Shot 2023-06-29 at 1.39.46 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-06-29 at 1.42.05 AM.png

[5] spoogle what was it about crucibelle's release that encouraged you to check cap out? I know what my answer would be but
i was basically just a hardstuck 1400 OU ladder player who was getting tired of OU and looking to branch out to other formats. for some context, around this time i was playing random OMs on this youtuber dun deal's PSIM server (s/o niche 2014 pokemon yters), getting into the competing battle sim called pokebattle that existed for like a year (still dk why it was abandoned), trying to ladder other lower tiers on PS, and ig out of all the OU alternatives it was CAP that clicked with me the most

[6] spoon; which pokemon would you unban from ubers, and why?
gen6 lando-i it wouldnt be balanced but it would be fun

[7] spoopy whts something you look forward to during your trip to berling? (i aske, as i have been to berln germoney before and it was pretty cool......)

the cool new people i hopefully meet, supposedly it's a great city for thrifting, looking forward to the bar/nightlife scene, also kissing Lasen on the mouth

Uh Oh! This Next Question Is Sponsered By Pride Month! disclaimer iam not homoesexual they offer $20 worth of whiteboard eraser s
[8] SPOOOO who is yourt favorite GAY ACTOR OF CINEMA/TELEVISION FAME?? please note the usage of ACTOR, and not ACRTTRES.. anyone who would consdier themself an ACTRESS will DISQUALIFY!! your answer
billy eichner is fucking hilarious

[9] Favorite showdown alt?
jason derulo vevo, ice spice vevo, mahito, dog farting, tony orlando, TOMMY SHOWBIZ, hoggirl2389410

[10] spoofus, the day will come that all will be held accountable for their actions. hhow do you convince smogon user RUMIA that the airport luggage belt malfunction had nNOTHIng to do with you smuggling 9.4 Metric Tons of Loam Topsoil out of cleveland?
I have been advised by my legal team to not speak any further on this matter. Good day

[11] spoodles wats something you would like 2 see cap do in the futeure?
in battle forme change mon (only correct answer)

[12] spppp, what's a restaurant u like that most people u know do not? can be anything from sit-down family diners to the mickey d's of the world
i had the best indian food of my life in waco texas at this random restaurant called saffron, every time i drive through waco i try to go back there

[13] spu—what's a gæme you are very excited to have release? not limited to just this yuear, do not woryy./
the next zelda game

[14] sbooose,. what would you consider to be the most unusual and mildly threatening thing i've said off the cuff? you can screenshot it if you want

this. is the finale quesiton i have prepared. you must answer truthfully; courageously; and most of all, honorably. take your time to answer.
[15] spoo, what part of cap 32 and hemogoblin surprised you the most? was it a particular outcome, or something you learned during the process?

it was honestly surprising how good hemo was on release LOL i was lowkey worried it would suck balls but somehow we stuck the landing. the secondary ability stage had some of my favorite discussion from the whole process which i didnt expect to happen at all because its the fucking secondary ability stage lmao. i was sadly surprised at a lot of the consistent negativity throughout the process but i feel like that happens to some extent w most processes, i was just a lot closer to it this time

I will answer the rest later goodbye


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mfg this dude spends more than two weeks on questions and doesn't even finish them/cuts corners on answers

Piyush25 ur cooler here's a handful of asks
  1. what's your favorite showdown replay (any meta)?
  2. how would you feel about a cap world cup tournament as a member of the 105 indian cap players
  3. do you have any interest in taking part in the cap process proper?
  4. what other video games/sims do you enjoy playing? don't say genshin
  5. thoughts on burgers?


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mfg this dude spends more than two weeks on questions and doesn't even finish them/cuts corners on answers

Piyush25 ur cooler here's a handful of asks
  1. what's your favorite showdown replay (any meta)?
  2. how would you feel about a cap world cup tournament as a member of the 105 indian cap players
  3. do you have any interest in taking part in the cap process proper?
  4. what other video games/sims do you enjoy playing? don't say genshin
  5. thoughts on burgers?
2) We will still lose cz Zephyri will be on the team
3) What's cap process
4) Pokemon Unite with Gareeb, vr chat with Dj Breloominati♬ and "Motu Patlu Fun run 3d Puzzle G"(Don't search on play Store)
5) I love eating boogers
I was able to get on an earlier flight so I am here on schedule to open nominations for the next POTF! And thank you spoo for filling in for me!

My vote this time:

See you on July 4th 9:00 PM GMT-4 (48 hours)
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