WIP Poké Job Guide

In the eternal words of Professor Birch of the Hoenn region,
"We humans live alongside Pokémon, at times as friendly playmates, and at times as cooperative workmates."
It wouldn't be until players got a taste of the Galar region, however, that they would be able to contribute to this part of the Pokémon world. Trainers in the Galar region are encouraged to send their Pokémon to serve their community, whether it be working at construction jobs or in a library. These undertakings are called Poké Jobs, and you'll first get access to them when you reach Motostoke. Poké Jobs can be considered an evolution of the Poké Pelago feature from Generation VII, and come with many rewards for both the Pokémon and the Trainer!

What's a Poké Job?
Poké Jobs are job listings from companies in the Galar region, asking for Trainers to send Pokémon that excel in a certain field in return for EXP, curry ingredients, money, and various items! The current Poké Jobs available can be viewed at any time by speaking to the Rotomi in any Pokémon Center and selecting "Check Poké Jobs". Pokémon can be sent to a job for varying amounts of time, from "A little while" to "Whole day" - the longer the Pokémon works, the more rewards they'll bring back! [to research: how does the time spent exactly affect how many rewards you receive?]

The conversion between the amount of time specified in-game and the real-world time spent is as follows:
In-game timeframeActual time spent
A little while​
1 hour​
Very short​
2 hours​
3 hours​
4 hours​
Very long​
8 hours​
Half day​
12 hours​
Whole day​
24 hours​


To do:
- research missing information outlined in the "What's a Poké Job?" section
- outline rewards
- list job ratings (Job Completed! / Great Job! / Good Job!)
- mention the date skip exploit
- mention the major application of poke jobs towards EV training
- list all poke jobs + requested types for each
- list unlock requirements for certain poke jobs
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oh wow, i'd totally forgotten about this - thanks for the poke! the issues i faced really came from lack of available research online (and lack of time to research it myself) as well as the gen 9 games taking away most of my time. i would like to complete this still, but i'm unsure how much time i'm able to dedicate to it. will try to make some progress in the coming weeks :heart:

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