Pokémon Black/White in-game discussion

Swobat is my favorite pokemon. And you're right, Sawsbuck could be the 5th gen version of Stantler, only better.

I liked the storyline of this generation. It's the best. What are your favorite Pokemon regions from most liked to least liked? This is mine:
Notice how every region has the letter "o" in them.
Petilil doesn't automatically start off as a Lilligant with Quiver Dance. Petilil is a chore to level, and the payoff, to me, is too late for too little. It also didn't jive with my team* at the time and I ended up ditching it for a Joltik/Galvantula. .
Petilil's not hard to level, sure it's not much use in the gym but there's other trainers all over Castelia and a desert full of Sandile on the far side of it.
So anyway, what was yall's Favorite Pokemon In-Game, This Gen?
My favorite in-game pokemon was archeops. It looks awesome, learns fly and is an absolute monster in-game. It's actually way too good.

Sucks that its ability kills its competitive usefulness though. I would have loved to take my in-game archeops into battle.
Favourite in-game was probably Galvantula. Good speed, good attacks, nice accuracy boosts, good offense, decent coverage, good defensive typings, if a bit frail. But what's better was its utility - Volt Switch, Thunder Wave, Spider Web, Thief+Compound Eyes. Whereas a ton of other pokemon had noticeable let downs, Galvantula was a pleasure to use. Electric Spider = awesome, great design, great pre-evolution and it the Quick Ball was almost tailor made for it. I liked it when it was first seen in pre-release videos, and it did not dissapoint.

Sleeper hit for me was Jellicent, and I really enjoyed using Chandelure and Reuinclus too.
My favorite in-game pokemon was archeops. It looks awesome, learns fly and is an absolute monster in-game. It's actually way too good.

Sucks that its ability kills its competitive usefulness though. I would have loved to take my in-game archeops into battle.
Well, actually, Archeops is pretty damn good competitively, if you can neutralize your opponent's priority users.

Oh, favorite ingame pokemon? Hm... That's a hard toss up between Audino and Archeops. Both of them were A level, no pun intended. Even though my Audino had a special attack- nature, meaning I couldn't abuse it's freaking stupid movepool, it was pretty scary with what it did have. 2HKOed pretty much everything, OHKOed a good amount of things, and was only, like, 4/5HKOed back. Meanwhile, Archeops just OHKOed everything that didn't resist flying/have sturdy/was stupidly defensive. On the flip side... if something did survive their attack and struck back, he couldn't do much past finish off his target before he desperately needed healing.

What do you guys think? Are Hydreigon/Krookodile good pokes for in-game?
For Hydreigon, I would have to say... no. Likely won't evolve into it's last stage until after you beat the E4, and before that... it's rather underwhelming.
My favorite in-game would have to be Lilligant. I have Black version, so I got the traded one. Losing Own Tempo isn't such a big deal when you level up so easily and have a predetermined Modest nature. I honestly think she could handle most things in the game since Sleep Powder + Giga Drain meant she never died. Plus, I just love Quiver Dance. It's such a sexy move.

Archeops and Galvantula are tied for second.
Favourite in-game was probably Galvantula.
Same here. Galvantula is just all kinds of badass. Funky typing, great visual design, wonderful ability. Despite a fairly shallow movepool, it has enough tools to use to not be completely boring. I want to catch a really nice Joltik in a Quick Ball for matching colors.


@ Arcticblast
I think you misunderstood. Petlil doesn't have anything over Snivy except SpAtk. But that stat isn't being utilized. The speed difference is huge, though, and Snivy's movepool is marginally better at equal levels. It's not until Lillgant gets Quiver Dance that people are saying there's more potential. But what attack are you going to use? Petilil gets Giga Drain at 28, so you're going to wait until then to evolve it? So you've stuck with an extremely weak Pokemon until the 4th Badge? That's not very effecient in-game. Snivy does just as well, if not better than, Petilil until it evolves into Servine. Then it performs just fine at that point with Growth and Leaf Tornado without the trouble.

But, as I've said before, and is painfully obvious to some, it's a matter of preference. In response to Hyper Cutter, Petilil didn't settle well with me and I didn't like babysitting the weak thing. Lilligant just wasn't worth it, so I ended up replacing it during my first playthrough with a Pokemon I liked (Galvantula) and during my second playthrough with a Pokemon that performed better (Deerling/Sawsbuck).


leavanny is awesome ingame :D

I mean how can you not like having a fully evolved pokemon with decent stats by the freaking resort desert?

Emboar was cool too.
So I did a lot of runs of Japanese Black, since I was borrowing it from a friend while he replaced his stolen DS. 4 runs, to be exact. The 4th was a hilarious megastall team I sent over (which ended up with Leech Seed/SR/Curse/Gyro Ball Ferrothorn pretty much owning the entire game). But the first three goes were more fun.

Each time I picked a different starter (Samurott, then Serperior, then Emboar). Then I picked a "secondary" for them (Excadrill, Scrafty, Galvantula). Finally, someone to fill in the cracks, as it were (Darmanitan, Haxorus, Krookodile). Type synergy wasn't really a big deal, tbh, since in-game only Ghetsis matters at all, and even then only his Hydreigon.

But the real story here was the support crew.

Cut is stupid. The monkey learned it and was promptly boxed.

I caught a Cottonee ASAP and got it to the point where it knew Stun Spore/Leech Seed, and then later Flash. And then it was DONE. Know what's fun? Messing with anything that's 30 or 40 levels higher than you with priority Flash and then lasting forever. Level 17 Cottonee even KO'd Kyurem because I Seeded accidentally once.

Roggenrola is sorta member #2, but I usually replaced any initial Roggenrola with a Boldore later on, since I refused to actually battle with any of the support team. Sturdy was the real key here. Switching my level 20-something into an attack and surviving it means a chance to heal up someone who matters. Mud Slap added to the fun, and then Strength for some utility.

And finally Ducklett. Surf and Fly make him the most convenient member to lug around. He's got nothing on Pelipper, though. However, the Duck never actually saw combat outside of a sacrifice when Boldore wasn't available.

They weren't meant to be a complete HM set, mind you. Waterfall and Dive are pretty irrelevant anyway.

So what'd everyone else use for their "utility" Pokemon? Obviously HM Slaves, but beyond that too, if anyone besides me plays like that.

PS: In case you're wondering, doing all battles with only 3 Pokemon ever getting EXP + Lucky Egg being moved around constantly = horribly overleveled Pokemon. I wasn't playing for challenge, though, but to collect a mess of Reshiram/Tornadus/etc.
There is probably a forum for this, but I'm too lazy to look quite frankly.

So anyway, what was yall's Favorite Pokemon In-Game, This Gen?

Solely based on Being In-Game Pokemon that I used In Game, I would say Gigalith is my favorite and Krookodile is my very close Second Favorite.

Seriously. Dragon Dance rapes shit and this guy makes Ghetsis look like a complete joke. Sub on Cofagrigus, DD to +6, Dragon Claw on EVERY SINGLE THING.
Volcarona is the best. It's cuddly and will burn the opponent's team down to little shreds. It is amazing and is the most deadly Quiver Dancer. Lilligant was kind of underwhelming to me; as a Petilil it was just horrible and as a Lilligant it supported more often than it swept. Still, it was a decent catcher...


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I'm on my second runthrough. I think I'll evaluate my parties from both runthroughs.
Samurott: I freaking LOVE this guy. Quite possibly my favorite starter of all time due to mixed attacking and megahorn

Musharna: Crappy movepool killed this thing. I evolved it too early and got stuck with psybeam as my only attack :/. Still, pretty good at tanking hits; he was my go-to guy while I revived my party.

Zebstrika: Faster than a speeding bullet, but a bit of a glass cannon. Wild charge is a pretty cool attack, but this guy started feeling underpowered by the end.

Unfezant: Think pidgey line. That's pretty much all I can say.

Stoutland: Greatest early-game normal of all time. Take down at lvl 18 OHKO's pretty much everything, and dont even get me started on retaliate. Great attack stat completes the package.

Conkeldurr: It kills things with ease. It doesn't die. What more do you want?

NOTE: This one is still in progress.

Emboar: Not quite Samurott, but pretty damn close. Heat crash rapes and take down kills everything too heavy to be killed by heat crash.

Seismitoad: Decent. Its bulky, but other than that none of its stats really stand out, and its movepool is meh. Imma go with "adequate" on this one.

Scrafty: Picture a pokemon with STAB on a 130 base power attack with a miniscule drawback. Now give that pokemon an ability that makes it stronger every time it kills something (easy to do with that attack). Now slap great defenses on it and you have Scrafty, AKA SirRapesALot

Archeops: Scrafty level of rape. Outspeeds and OHKO's everything with acrobatics. No, seriously. Acrobatics has literally OHKOed EVERY SINGLE TIME. Thats awesome right there.

Krokorok: I'll edit this later when I evolve it. For now, its a bit of a glass cannon :/

Gigalith: I always loved Golem, and this is just a better Golem. Why? Pure rock and sturdy.

Zekrom is arguably better than Reshiram, and Thundurus is definitely better than Tornadus.

Those are pretty much the only two reasons to pick one or the other, and white's exclusives win by a landslide. I'm speaking on competitive terms, of course...if you just like reshiram/tornadus better, then pick black.
I chose White, mostly because I liked the pokemans much better (Liligant, Thundurus, Zekrom). However, because I took my sweet time completing the game, White Forest is a bloody wasteland right now.
I've done a White run-through with Samurott and now I use it as my main game, so I use it for breeding and holding all my bro's and shinies in boxes.

I went through Black with Tepig and now i'm doing a run through with Snivy. Does anyone know a good team of 6 that go well with Snivy? (Mine has a + Attack nature so I can actually kill stuff)
Darmanitan is prolly a requirement for Snivy users(well, idk, since I used Victini ingame anyway). Hits like a FUCKING TRUCK and can 2HKO E4 mons that are like 6-8 levels higher than it with Flare Blitz.

Water types suck in this game so you might as well use Panpour if you are using a FWG core.
i like the idea of battling more trainers in City. You get your money's worth or at least in game wise. i do wish there were more three on three but rotations not bad, and going up against Shaga's not bad
ugh. This is random.

So I managed to get an AR and decided to check the IVs of all my Pokemon for the hell of it.

Turns out, I have random shit including a Drifblim with max SpD and Spe IVs(fucking encounters, how do they work?), a numerous amount of Pinecos with 0 Atk IVs(fuck breeding), and a Panpour with max Attack, Speed and a Jolly nature... would be awesome if physical Simipour wasn't a joke. >.>

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