Pokémon Design Misconceptions

Before I caught my first Luxray/Luxio/Shinx, I used to assume it was Normal/Electric. Boy, was I confused when my Machamp's Dynamicpunch did regular damage vs Volkner's Luxray :s

Then I caught one for myself and saw that it was Pure Electric -_-'
I'd have thought mistaking it for Electric/Dark was more likely :X

Dynamite Punch sounds a lot more badass though if they could even fit it under the limit, if there is one.
The limit's 12, including spaces. This is why the spaces are sometimes left out of names, e.g. PoisonPowder = 6 + 6 = 12, Sleep Powder = 5 + 1 + 6 = 12; Sleep Powder gets the space because there's room, PoisonPowder has no space because there isn't.
I never really got designs messed up, however to this day I still can't figure out if hydregion has 3 heads and no arms, or 1 head and 2 arms with heads at the end.

Most of the time what I screw up is pronouncing the names of Pokemon...
I'd have thought mistaking it for Electric/Dark was more likely :X

I can see where you're coming from there, but I just assumed that it was Normal typed simply because it didn't have any real......features, I guess that you could say, otherwise.

*shrugs* Another thing, when I first started playing pokemon on my Leafgreen, I, for some reason thought that water somehow was NVE vs Muk and fire was SE, despite the fact that it was Pure poison. Only later did I realize that Charizard's Flamethrower would obviously do more damage than Snorlax's Surf :p

Man, I was such a stupid, misinformed newbie hahahahaha
This is less Pokémon-related, but I used to think Cloud Nine just destroyed the weather effects all together. I brought a Golduck to the E4 in Hoenn to take down Glacia because I thought Hail was a serious problem for my team (which included a lv. 73 Swampert). I really overtrained.

I had no clue what Numel's typing was when I first saw it on RS. It's colour scheme wasn't anything that really screamed out Grass or Fire and I thought the green marks on its volcano back was paint- it reminded me of Smeargle so I thought it looked like a cute, derpy Normal type.

It's kind of funny how colours are usual representations of typing and how hard it can throw you off

I thought Ho-Oh's eye was actually its mouth and that its "eye" was under its head feathers.

please don't tell me I am alone

Also I am really not seeing any of the Nosepass things in this thread.
I did this one too when I was a kid. I can't understand how I could not see the real face and I have no clue what I was thinking xD I never played Gold thought and I guess I just took a quick glimpse at it. When I first "figured it out" I was kinda dissapointed and thought it was ugly xD But now I love Ho-Oh :P
In LGFR, I thought that Psychic was super-effective on Ghost, because Alakazam could hit Gengar super-effectively, and I thought Gengar was just Ghost-type.
...nope, the Ho-Oh thing is still retarded. It only works if you completely ignore the beak and even then it's quite a stretch...
I won't deny that its retarded xD But off course you have to ignore the beak, and the tounge and all to see it. I have no clue what I thought the beak and toungue were.. Maybe I thought it was holding something in its "beak" or the beak were covered up when I saw it?

Weirdly enought I haven't fell for any of the other misconceptions that are in this thread.

He does not have Compound eyes! He has normal eyes. He's actually glaring at you become you think he has a big bug eyes. That giant red thing is a membrane that stops sand from getting into his eyes (kinda like the Sandile-family). He's basically wearing goggles. All his sprites are incredibly deceptive though, so I see where the misconception comes from if you've never seen any Flygon artwork (plus he evolves from a Bug type).

He is never getting [the ability] Compoundeyes. Sorry.
Tinted Lens seems more fitting than Compoundeyes, but I guess they thought putting Tinted Lens on a Dragon type would be pretty ridiculous.

Also, on Anorith and Armaldo, I don't see how anyone could possibly miss the eyes on the side of the head, especially the big puppy dog ones Anorith has that stick out like sore thumbs. What else would you think they were? Ears?


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