Pokemon RBY In-game Tiers

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Yellow Pikachu can't evolve, meaning it's stuck with poor offensive and defensive stats for the majority of the game. Also, while it does naturally learn Thunderbolt, keep in mind that Pikachu's Thunderbolt is about as powerful as Dewgong's Aurora Beam or Magneton's Thundershock.
If you play on an emu, you can savestate to keep multiple runs going at once.

Not fond of Ekans at all, though obviously it can get things done with Dig just like anything. Wrap takes forever to KO anything and Ekans doesn't really get any good moves on its own. In fact, learning Dig is like the only thing it has going for it.

Also, since Karate Chop is normal in RBY, I believe you'd use Dig on a lot of things you'd use Low Kick on (eg Geodude). So it's more useful than just Poison/Electric things.

Yeah, Yellow Pikachu Thundershock is pretty borderline at KOing Pidgeys of similar levels, but your other mons at that point aren't doing any better at that point. It's definitely Mid tier at least.
I probably should've remembered that it's almost impossible to OHKO anything early-game unless it has a 4x weakness. With that in mind, I concede with Pikachu being Mid.

My point on Dig not being as important on Mankey as it is on say, Sandshrew, is because it has the same base power as Karate Chop, and while it is more powerful than Low Kick, the level advantage Mankey has should allow it to OHKO most of the Rock-types you encounter, barring a miss off its 95 accuracy.
If no one has any objections I'm going to try these 6 in blue:

Bellsprout(route 24)
Chansey(Safari Zone)
Cubone(Pokemon Tower)
Gastly(Pokemon Tower)
Grimer(Pokemon Mansion)
Goldeen(Good Rod Fuscia City)

All of them come after the third gym(bellsprout aside) so up to route 24 I'll power through with a charmander. Also I intend on holding off on Erica till I receive Chansey.
good luck catching chansey, lol

i assume dig is going to cubone, thunderbolt to gastly/chansey, ice beam and blizzard to chansey/goldeen?
Is there a particular order I have to go in before catching these pokemon? In theory i could have 5/6 members(6 if i beat Erica out of turn)simply by going through rock tunnel(somehow that sounds wrong) without flash. If I hold off doing Lt surge till after I catch cubone/goldeen/chansey/gastly(I'd have to complete the tower quest to get chansey and goldeen), would it matter as the gyms aren't being done out of order.

Thoughts on this are appreciated.
I've proposed that for the purposes of the tier list, the game can be completed in whatever way is convenient for the Pokemon you are arguing for. So that means that if you want to get Surf and Chansey before you even fight Erika, there's nothing stopping you. AFAIK nobody explicitely agreed with me (though some people used this line of thought for their arguments, eg whoever argued in Omanyte's favor), but nobody disagreed either.
Sounds reasonable to me, As I don't actually plan to alter the gym "order".

Also am I the only one who does Erica-koga-Sabrina? All my friends do Sabrina either before Erika or at least before koga :/
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