Pokemon Showdown is no longer down

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helo sorry im a new user but is this the right place to post?? I just want 2 know how ps is going, coz I rlly need it than you so if u cud work faster for me im pretty bored thanks mokkle

nah jk
anyway PS should be back up for most already i think??

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I can't be the only person that it says the site is temporarily down for... right? Gosh diddly darn it, I just wanted to take a break from studying for once. Main page is still up but when I click Play Online it gives me that. :(
I keep getting this error: bad_httpd_conf

It says that the site is temporarily down, but only if I use Google Chrome. When I use Internet Explorer, it works, but it is very laggy even still and just hard to use overall on IE. On Chrome it works much better.
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