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Try and keep story spoilers away ;_;

I am thinking this lot so far:

With a slot for either Salazzle or Shiinotic (depending on how slow my team feels until then). The only other option I have to not double up on typings is Dhelmise, but I am pretty sure he only appears very late in the game (and I'm not sure I want to carry 5 mons for that long).

My first two teams are always only made up of "Native" Pokemon (ie new ones). My second team will probably be Decidueye based... But after that I am not sure what else I want. There is a huge lack of type variation in gen 7, surprisingly so even compared to gen 6. We got a lot of mons with the same typings :(


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Pretty certain I want to use these four at least for my first run (Pokemon Moon). Having a very hard time deciding on my last two.

Generally with in game teams, I like:
  • To use as many dual-type Pokemon as possible with no type overlap
  • Use as many Pokemon from that gen as possible
  • Make sure the team has reasonable defensive synergy (mostly unneeded for in game, I know, but I like to do silly stuff like this)
  • I like generally "fat" looking bulkier Pokemon with a few skinnier Pokemon thrown in.

Vikavolt, Ribombee, and Araquanid were all tempting, but I had to go with Golisopod just because it was so amazing looking. That's burnt up the slot for a bug-type but I guess because of the way EXP scales in Gen 7, I can rotate them in and out as I please.

For the last two slots, there aren't too many options from Gen 7 I like. There's absolutely no answer to flying-types on the team at the moment, so Electric, Rock, or Steel types seem very nice. Probably going to roll with Archeops and Metagross at this rate just because I've loved using them in game before. Any other suggestions?

I'm still tweaking things quite a bit. I'm 100% starting with Litten, 95% sure about Raichu, but Lycanroc might be replaced with Palossand, and Araquanid might be replaced by Gastrodon, Toxapex, or Ash-Greninja. Shiinotic may be Lurantis, but I'm leaning towards the giant mushroom. Lunala is there because I always expect to use the box legend in my team.

I'm a bit obsessed with keeping my team color balanced, having at least something blue, something red, something green, and maybe something yellow (this is more for color of types than the Pokémon's color itself). I also like having Grass/Fire/Water cores, so having a Grass and Water type is a must for me, even without the necessity of Surf. My idea going into Moon this was that I would use all Alolan Pokémon (including Alolan forms), but I'm not really wowed by any of the new Water types (except Golisopod, but it isn't blue).
My Gen VII reptile/dino team was decided long before the datamining :P

Although, given how late Jangmo-o is obtained, I'll have to have a filler in there. Fletchling or Hydration Wingull, perhaps? May also swap Oricorio for Tapu Koko later on, as it doesn't break the theme.

UPDATE: May go out of my way and try to get that Level 10 Salamence for that temporary filler.

And Rock and Ice-types? I have the STABs to overwhelm them.
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Considering it got leaked to me I thought I'd give up and look at the spoilers yesterday and after thinking about it (not for long). I wanna go with something along these lines.

Rowlet for starter because I mostly pick the grass starter. Oricorio-Pom because THEY MADE A CHEERLEADING POKEMON JUST FOR ME. Palossand because who doesn't love haunted sand castles?! Toxapex because I love the design plus need a water type. Vikavolt because I presume Grubbin is early game so I can get one quite soon. To finish it off I thought I'd go for an alolan form and I needed a fire type so Marowak will do. Please no judge because 3 ghost types

I'm that type of guy who can't help but use Pokes from other generations. I planned this team up with the Pokemon I actually want to use. It's also the team I plan to use in Competitive, which is why I used older Pokemon, because I'm more familiar with them than the ones from Smoon.

If transfer is allowed, I plan on replacing either M. Scizor or Sabeleye with M. Gardevoir and Dhelmise with Excadrill.

As of now, this is the team I shall go with. Deciding between Mega Sableye and Mega Scizor is the problem.


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Yeah definitely not set in stone but I've loved rowlet since the start so that was obvious and still like toucansam despite that speed. Persian I like its abilities to the point that I can overlook that horrible design but I'm iffy on cuz its movepool might suck for a good time. Bruxish nice type that fit well with the rest and a good damage dealing ability with strong jaw. Sandslash because I'm getting Moon so I can't use ninetales but I feel that and Persian can be something else to help balance the team out. Salazzle nice typing and I wanted a special attacker. Anything I use is definitely going to be a Gen 7 Pokemon or Alolan forme for my first run if anyone wants to suggest replacements.

TheMantyke told you on discord but Alolan geodude line looks like the Pokemon you want. Not sure on your last member to complement the rest.
Screen Shot 2016-11-10 at 12.20.53 PM.png

Decidueye - Sterling
Lycanroc - Wolframight
Bewear - Grrumble
Turtonator - Mataboom
Alolan Ninetales - Snokami
Golisopod - Butchynomus

I thought about this team for a while, and this seems like the one I want to go with. I was always switching Turtonator with Salazzle and Golisopod with Wishiwashi but it seems like I get more coverage this way. I still might use Salazzle for having a team member with status-inflicting moves.

But the only thing stopping me is how it seem like Stufful, Wimpod, and Salandit are all found at a similar time. If that's the case I might go with Turtonator.

Any thoughts? Turtonator or Salazzle?
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Something like this maybe. Might swap out decidueye for alolan eggy, and the 6th slot can be where I experiment with things.

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Can't beat the classics, hence the FWG core. Even without its HA, Incineroar has a ton of value ingame from what I've seen. Wishiwashi kind of sucks due to how slow it is, but its ability is cool as hell and it can still do water type things. Serena's just a solid Pokemon from the ground up. Still undecided on Vikavolt, but that typing is useful and its design is 11/10. Silvally's slot is interchangeable, and i'll probably have Garchomp there anyway. Raichu's my boy.


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I added the lists to the OP. Gonna add the encounter tables for Moon so far, waiting on the one for Sun.

Edit: Change of plans on those version exclusives.
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My team for Sun with my favorites from this generation. I was initially going to get Moon but Lycanroc's form and Ninetales swayed me to Sun.

My in game team plan is not exactly a team plan, but I feel like it's worth mentioning. Due to the amount of time until transfers are available, I'm going to do multiple Nuzlockes with a twist. My first additional rule is a normal one. I can not catch Pokemon that I already caught or that is banned by the second rule. My second rule is that I can not use Pokemon that I used in previous Moon Nuzlokes.

So this is my team for sun

I have always picked the fire starter but decided to go with Decidueye because it had a cooler design. Next up is Lycanroc 'cause Rockruff is too damn cute. Salazzle is my fire type of choice because of unique typing, great Ability and a cool design. Mudsdale because I had always wanted a horse pokemon(Ponyta and rapidash don't count). Kommo-o because cool abilities, unique typing, tons of setup moves and good neutral coverage. And finally goliospod is my water type although I'm sure leveling up this guy is going to be hell since I'm planning on turning off my exp share.

So my team is basically my favourite gen 7 pokemon.
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I'm uncertain on my starter choice still, so I made two teams based on Moon version. Both plans share some mons that I'll probably box and switch between

Pokemon SuMo Team A.PNG

Looking at Torracat's stats, I think it might be okay for me to use it over Incineroar until I complete all the trials or so. I like Incineroar's design now, but it's still my least favorite of the fully-evolved Alolan starters and I really like Litten and Torracat. I'm obviously using Greninja since it's my favorite Pokemon, even though it stacks a Dark type with Incineroar once I evolve Torracat. Sandslash probably won't be too good because of the two 4x weaknesses and middling speed, but its design is just so cool that I'll have to use it. I'll aim to get a Jolly or Naive one, but Adamant or neutral would suffice as long as I get to fight a lot of Pokemon with speed EVs. I can't see myself going through the game without a Type:Null, so it's a must pick. Silvally will likely be best with a Poison, Electric, Grass, or Fighting Memory on this team. Mimikyu's type coverage should be pretty awesome on the team and it's adorable. Zygarde 10% best dog.
Pokemon SuMo Team B.PNG

Primarina's amazing and I like the rest of the Popplio line a fair amount, so it's my other main pick for a starter. I pick the Water starter most generations, unsurprisingly. Greninja stays, even with the type overlap. Silvally's ability to change its types is really nice for teambuilding, since I won't have to overlap Normal types with Bewear/Stufful for a while. Poison, Fire and Ghost are probably best on this one, preferably Poison or Fire for the Fairy resistance. Goomy's role on my team depends on how early it will be avaiable, particularly compared to Zygarde. And yes, I'll evolve it, but Goomy's absolutely adorable so I used it over Sliggoo/Goodra lol. Its Electric and Grass resistances should help out the Water types. Raichu could help offensively against Water types, provide some high speed that only really Greninja has on this team and act as an emergency Fighting resistance in case Primarina/Poison Silvally is weak. I need a Stufful badly, so I'll be using it and Bewear for sure, at least early game. Idk what its status will be once I get a Type:Null, but I'll try to make the best of it. It may end up like Pangoro did in my X playthrough, where I used it until the 5th or 6th gym when my team got too full.

Finally, I'll just post my team for if I end up doing a 2nd or 3rd run in Sun and choose Rowlet.
Pokemon Sun Team C.PNG

Alright, deleted my old post to remake it. Realized since A-Ninetales is apparently exclusive to Pokemon Sun and I don't want a Pokemon getting more EXP due to being traded, I decided to remake my team.

My team for my first playthrough of Pokemon Moon:
  • Decidueye: Honestly, I really like all three of the Starters. But when I saw that Rowlet became part Ghost-type, I kinda fell in love with it. I'm also a massive fan of Archery in real life.
  • A-Raichu: Something about the design just pleases me. Electric/Psychic is also a fairly solid type as well, and a good choice for my team since I tend to normally use an Electric-type anyways.
  • Lycanroc (Midnight): I like Werewolfs, okay? Nuff' said.
  • Mudsdale: My team needs a little horse power. Hah, puns.
  • Salazzle: I really like Fire and Poison-types, and lizards are cool. Perfect addition for my team.
  • Kommo-o: Dragon/Fighting was a type combination I've wanted since Pokemon X & Y were announced.

Huge weakness to Water and Ground-types, but I'll manage.


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The squad.

Incineroar is the starter of choice because I tend to gravitate towards Fire-types and I like cats more than owls and seals. I knew I wanted to use Pikipek ever since I first saw it; it's my favorite starting bird design of any game, and the toucan evolution is awesome looking (especially its shiny). Vikavolt is on the team because I always like to use an Electric-type, and because its sharp design is really cool. Crabominable has my favorite type combination of all time, so I just had to use it. Lastly, Mudsdale and Bewear are my two favorite gen 7 Pokemon. Their designs are perfect, their pre-evolutions are adorable, and they have great abilities that enhance their bulk to excellent levels.

Overall the team is super slow and weak to a bunch of types, but I don't really care because they're all awesome.

-I love Silvally and I'll definitely be using it for my second playthrough
-Apparently Dhelmise is really late game and I may replace it because it stacks w/ Mimikyu anyway
-Not a huge fan of Salazzle design-wise but it's a fast strong attacker which is really rare this gen, seems like it will be fun to use
-Primarina Minior and Mimikyu are incredibly awesome and I love them

I love love love Toxapex and Ill sure as hell use it in competitive, but its stally and gives me a third electric weakness so Ill probably pass on it in game, really prefer Lele, and Fini to Koko and might say eff it on one of those even if it means triple steel or electric weakness.
Well, since I have no clue on how to copy and paste the team planner stuff here (Keep getting a 404 when I try to copy a specific image, and I can't just C/P the entire six slots), I'll just say what my team is:<br />
Primarina: I always held a soft spot for water starters, and Primarina is the hardest hitting one yet. I like mermaids, and this things solid coverage is pretty sweet.
Crabominable: It's slow as shit and frail, but I can't help but enjoy how hard it hits, plus it's pretty sweet offensive-wise. It'll need babying for sure.
Gyarados: If this thing exists and I can't use Gardevoir, I will use it. It's just that good, and especially in a generation this slow. Even without its Mega, Gyarados is going to clean up shop and sweep particularly troublesome teams.
Mismagius: A fast, solid ghost type with decent coverage and a buffed Mystical Fire. It outspeeds 90% of Alola, so why not make use of it?
Frosslass: Same as Mismagius, only faster and better STAB coverage. These two ghosts pretty much cover my special attacking needs by themselves with all the coverage and status they need.
Drampa: Originally, this slot was going to go to Mence, but then I saw Drampa's godly coverage, and I was happy. This thing is a nuke, and I love it.
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