Pokemon Sun/Moon Random Battle sets

My post got removed (?) without any reason, so I have to post again.
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Stunfisk should never have Limberas its ability. Unlike Rotom-Fan it actually also has useful abilities in Static and Sand Veil. Also the Chery Berry is useless.
I deleted your post because that question is already answered above in the thread. Specifically, here.

I sent a “inform person whose post was deleted why” message explaining this, apologies if it didn’t get to you.

Got this beautiful suicide lead Quagsire. I think Quag should never have a focus sash and always the move recover. Why else would you use it then to stall?

Also got a Mantine without Defog. Again, why would you use it without Defog?
Iirc a fix for things like the Quagsire is in progress. Defog, however, is too situation-dependent to flat-out force on every set in place of more broadly useful moves.
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May I suggest that we add the Mega Rayquaza Clause into random battles and allow Rayquaza to use Dragon Ascent? It’s consistently worse than other Dragons in the tier because it has less coverage, a 4x weakness, and is walled quite a lot of the time because it doesn’t have access to its best move. I believe that it would be no worse (meaning broken) than other Pokémon allowed in randbats (e.g. Xerneas, Sigilyph, Swoobat). I get it wasn’t allowed to have that move because that allows it to Mega Evolve, but that’s the reason for the Clause.
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