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draco outrage megachomp doesnt seem that bad; meteor gives you a special stab (off 120 spa base), a dragon stab that doesnt lock you in, and a spa drop not mattering much bc youre all physical otherwise
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Shadow Ball should be the first moveslot for Z-Conversion Porygon-Z sets. (Or if we're randomizing the Z-Conversion type, Shadow Ball shouldn't be a requirement.)
Battle Spot Singles sets disagree; Z-Conversion(Elec) using Thunderbolt/Ice Beam/Shadow Ball/Conversion is listed as viable there. (Yes, Ice is probably the worst of the Conversion types, but bear with it because it is indeed randomized.)

Besides, what else would you run in that last slot, anyways? When trying to hit a Pokemon that resists BoltBeam, your only viable options are Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse (Magnezone resists Psychic/Psyshock), so it's much better to have Shadow Ball for the chance of getting Ghost Conversion as opposed to being stuck with Dark Conversion.

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Yes; the joke is that Cheri Berry, Limber, and Electric typing give it three immunities to paralysis (and its Ground typing gives it a fourth immunity to specifically Thunder Wave).
Does the Levitate + Air Baloon set on Rotom have the same reasoning?

Also, was this part of April 1st?
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Stunfisk should never have Limberas its ability. Unlike Rotom-Fan it actually also has useful abilities in Static and Sand Veil. Also the Chery Berry is useless.

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