SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword and Shield Datamine Thread

ORAS Switch port is a candidate for next week's unrevealed "big project"
My theory that I floated back in February is they used ORAS as a test for Switch stuff

My other theory is ORAS was the base of Let's Go, which is why it was so...conspiciously Gen 6 in terms of its aesthetics. Trainers are about the saame proportion as gen 6, the world is fairly square in all regards, etc.
But Triple Kick/Axel doesn't work like other multi-moves. Tail Slap et al. calculate accuracy once and determine how many hits separately. The Triples always hit three times, but calculate accuracy three times. So I think the move will be unaffected by Skill Link.

In other news, glad G-Stunfisk has moves boosted by the various terrains now so it can utilyze it's typing. Too bad Terrain Pulse is special while Fisk switched up it's stats to be more physical oriented.
Oh, and regular Stunfisk doesn't get Rising Voltage or Terrain Pulse.. Wonderful.
"If the user has Skill Link, the move will have only one accuracy check."

I just took a look at the Dual Wingbeat distribution and I just learned Clefable is actually capable of using Wing Attack (as in the flavor works out)

(I can't get a screenshot of Wingbeat in Clef's movepool because it's just that massive)

Yup. Clefable can fly confirmed. (AKA it has Dual Wingbeat and seems like the weirdest inclusion)
The remakes have sold well and in the Last chapter for the Sun & Moon Manga series they revealed that Moon is related to Platina, the female player character from The DPPlat series.

imo: we will see Gen 4 remakes some day
I haven't followed the manga lore but that is cool, and would be cool the the games referenced the manga more
Misty Explosion may finally give Galarian Weezing a reason to use Misty Surge as an ability, especially because of the fact it's a Special Attack. Choice Specs sounds like a fun combination to try out.

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