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Return of the king. Post takes that are unpopular in this thread.

I shall now kick this off with a batch of my own:

-The Android Saga fuckin blows. To me it's bar none the most overrated arc in all of Dragon Ball filled with forced tension, character assassination (since when the hell was Gohan a pacifist? Also the Cell senzu is Goku's all-time low point as a character, people bitch about "stupid Super Goku" but his worst points don't even compare) and several major plot holes with the powercreep totally spiraling out of control being the rotten cherry on top of the shit sundae. There's good stuff in here, namely Imperfect Cell (Semiperfect is garbo and Perfect is just meh) as well as introducing Future Trunks and 17 although even that gets a massive asterisk since their actually cool moments didn't come until Super.

-On that note, Super > Z. Yes, even with Anime Resurrection 'F' considered. To me while half of Z are timeless classics in Saiyan and Namek arcs the latter half drags it down so, so hard. Meanwhile with Super as alluded to earlier anime F is the only arc I genuinely hate with everything else ranging from pretty nice albeit with caveats (ToP) to god tier (Broly). This show and OG DB are da kings baby

-Vanilla ice cream > chocolate

-2D Zelda > 3D Zelda. I've tried to actually complete Ocarina of Time 3D a few times and I never get very far before losing interest. Meanwhile I recently completed Link Between Worlds and had a blast. I think I just prefer the tighter world/dungeon design with the pseudo open world elements. Also young Link is an absolute chad and a good boy

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