Post your searing hot takes

The fuck is wrong with y'all. Cigarette smoke is among the most noxious smells on the planet.
I enjoy the smell of cigarette smoke but pipes and handrolls smell the best, really don't think any of them smell any more noxious than say incense. I dunno, I'd group them in the same category of smells as like cinnamon and old books.
this is maybe not so much an "unpopular" opinion as it is an infrequently mentioned inconvenience but the WORST part about going swimming is when you have long hair and you have to untangle it afterwards. it seems like it doesn't matter at all how i tie it up, that shit could be in the tightest, neatest french braid you've ever seen but as soon as i get out of the water and untie it there's always some kind of preposterous knot in it. what the fuck is the problem here
Some hot takes I think I have
  • Queen's Gambit is a bad show
  • Trump is cool
  • Ladder > Tours (I don't think Tours are more competitive and require more skill.)
  • VGC and BSS > Smogon Tiers
  • Low Tiers > Old Gens OU
  • Super Low Tiers are BAD
  • I dislike anime avatars (especially ones with waifus). I've been guilty of this in the past. I think it's a bit ironic because I'm an avid anime watcher.
Edit: I decided to add more hot takes after Queen's Gambit to make it more interesting
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that post inspires me to say that if you play queen pawn opening in chess (including queen's gambit), i hate you

(white opening. like scandinavian doesnt count)

this isn't really a take, but where else would i say it
I encourage you to go look up how AlphaZero handles the Queen's Gambit and similar QGD-like structures. (AlphaZero never plays e4 in the belief e5 gives too much play to Black). Quiet pawn pushing does not feature heavily in its plans...


Take care of yourself.
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"time is a flat circle" is a very stupid sounding phrase. whats a flat circle dude? you mean, like, a disc? aren't all circles flat? i don't have an above middle school-level understanding of geometry beyond that 3blue1brown video i watched once and even i can tell how little this makes sense
People who are real into beverage politics like to make it out as a war between water and soda, but they forget the real star of the show: juice. There's a lot of variety in flavor (different fruits, obviously) and sweetness (you can get the cocktail stuff which is very sugary, but there's also more pure juice) plus it protects you from scurvy.


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Again doesn’t even have the same “-ain” sound at the end of the word, so rhyming it with -ain words should be illegal in the first place.
I mean, this is just patently false. Both /əˈɡɛn/ and /əˈɡeɪn/ are correct English, it just varies according to dialect and context. I speak received pronunciation and use the two interchangeably, with a slight preference for /əˈɡɛn/ outside of public speaking.
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