Power Creep: DPPt OU v. BW UU! (Round 1)

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Chou Toshio

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I'm going to compile all the wins/losses this coming weekend. Try to get your battles done by then. If not... >_> I'll contact you and we'll go from there. Thanks all.
I've given up all hope. I've only asked my opponent 13878473874 times to do this. I even told him I'd wait another week to play since he was going to give me the win since he didn't build his teams.
beat Steamroll 2-0

first match was pretty clean
second one I haxed him a lot, including a perfectly timed crit to win/
GG's though


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I VM'd Symph when i saw him online (16/04 - 22h10 gmt +2).

We'll try to play asap, might need an extension. We met each other more than once, it shouldn't be a problem to meet each other once again.
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