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I know it's not a priority, but could I do a revamp for Wartortle? Despite what many have said about him, I've found Wartortle to be a decent spinner through the use of Foresight, a niche I don't believe the current analysis emphasizes enough. I've also found a physically defensive spread to be more effective than the current specially defensive one ever since the addition of Golurk as a spinblocker, as well as with Emboar replacing Magmortar as the main Fire type of the metagame. There are also a few notable newer threats that I believe really need to be mentioned in its analysis, namely Amoonguss and SubBU Braviary.

EDIT: I got approval, so Wartortle is now up and ready for QC checks.


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Magmar is finished, who remembers me writing that? :p

Also, if no-one else is planning on looking over Exeggutor, could I reserve it? If all it needs is a few tweaks, I should have time for that in the coming holidays.
i think i have the OP up to date, some new mons are in the priority section, and most importantly, Roselia and Stoutland are able to be reserved. Expect more mons to be put up for revamps in the coming days, I just want something to work off of now.


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I am making the ruling now that new dropdowns can only be reserved by experienced NU writers that are able to get the analysis written up quickly and accurately. I don't want to pull another Charizard where it just gets stuck in limbo for several months and we never end up getting the analysis on-site. Also, it's a bit unfair to reserve both new dropdowns, don't you think?


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I'd like to take Drifblim after I test it a bit by myself (I need to re-do my team and start NUing again, decay has hit me really hard). Afaik unburden is not passed and can be only gained once (unless you get an item somehow), that needs to be emphasized. I can't see Rotom-F nor Rotom-S mentioned either, and I think they counter pretty well most (or all) Drifblims.

Volt Switch: 73.46 - 87.07% (Move 3): 0 - 0%
Thunderbolt: 99.77 - 117.46%
252 SpA Rotom-F

Blizzard vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Drifblim: 554-654 (125.62 - 148.29%) -- guaranteed OHKO

Volt Switch: 73.46 - 87.07%
Thunderbolt: 99.77 - 117.46%
252 SpA Rotom-S Thunderbolt vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Drifblim: 440-518 (99.77 - 117.46%) -- 93.75% chance to OHKO

That's without rocks. They are outsped if Drifblim is unburdened, but all it can do is Destiny Bond (which should be noted) unless they troll and voltswitch to a toxic user.
I know there was a conscious effort to condense the amount of sets Gardevoir had but I think an All-Out Attacker set would be appropriate as well as the 3 attack WoW or 3 attack DBond sets that are frequently being used recently.

I've paired a 4 attack Gardevoir(with T-Bolt over WoW or Dbond) with Musharna and is has been nothing short of sensational for me, having no real hard counters or safe switch-ins while proving a huge special attacking threat to compensate for Musharna's more deliberate setup sweeping. I found T-Bolt to be a great addition not just to deal with common walls and threats like Aloma, Drifblim(the lesser used Shadow Ball variants dont even OHKO without rocks) and Braviary but also because a large amount of the sturdiest special walls in the tier are weak to electric, including Noctowl, Mantine, Articuno, Lapras and the dubiously, yet incredibly prolific Wartortle..which I somehow see at least twice per day.

I feel at least one of the sets should be on site since it otherwise undermines that currently Gardevoir is arguably the greatest special attacker in the tier right now...with only the inferior Kadabra giving it competition...however Kadabra is renowned for being weaker and dying in one hit unless it carries a Sash which makes it much weaker, and on top of it, it doesn't get Focus Blast which is critical for success.


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I know I didnt post on here, but Zeb informed me to do a set on Murkrow, and it's finished. So yea, you can go ahead and view it.

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