Tournament PSPL IV Group Stages: Week 3

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rip Mafia, not undefeated D:

lost vs. Teremaire in a gg, thanks for playing man :)



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requesting the activity win, never got a response on smog and when i talked to him on ps a few days ago he didn't seem ready to play
Activity for my match vs Berserking Now (unless I can find him at some point tomorrow when I'm free).

I've contacted him multiple times on PS! where he's claimed he's not ready or simply doesn't have the time. I can't be asking to check in with this man 24/7 and all I've wanted to do this week is play a PSPL Ubers match. Sigh. We already won the week as well so I don't see why it's something to prepare this thoroughly for.
It didn't seem that way when you suggested that we didn't even have to play as LC already won the week.

If you still want to play, you can contact me on PS.


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opp told me to take win, unless whoever we're facing wants to sub someone in or something

doomsday doink

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It didn't seem that way when you suggested that we didn't even have to play as LC already won the week.

If you still want to play, you can contact me on PS.
I suggested we play because you had no reason to really "prepare" anymore - don't claim the opposite

If you're gonna try to defend against an activity win, next time don't give your opponent perfect grounds to take one

I'll be online later - if you're on PS, we'll get this done - otherwise, I want activity


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RU: Hairy Toenail vs. Scythe. (coinflip)

Doubles: BigBoy038 vs. Terrakion. (coinflip) [both made an equal amount of effort to schedule, but no battle or activity post occurred]

UU: RemcoAZ vs. Ajwf (activity) [opp didn't respond]

PU: -Grim vs. shartruce (activity) [both scheduled and missed their initial times, but shartruce made an activity post that wasn't responded to by grim]

OU: lockjaw vs. Evan. (activity) [opp didn't respond]

Doubles: AccidentalGenius (WorldsBestKebab in PS) vs. Shaneghoul (activity)

RU: xJoelituh vs. Orphic (coinflip) [relatively equal effort in scheduling, but couldn't actually meet to play]

PU: Erize (Nohr in PS) (Taiy on PS) vs. HJAD (activity) [opp didn't respond]

ORAS DOU - checkmater75 vs. jackhiggins138 (activity) [opp eventually threw in the towel due to inability to schedule any longer]

Doubles: thebagman vs. Pak (activity) [opp didn't respond]

LC: wishes vs. r0ady (coinflip) [scheduling occurred, but no follow-up after that in the form of an activity post or battle]

PU: p4ch3 (shoxi on PS) vs. King UU (activity) [more effort in king uu's part, as he picked a time and initiated the scheduling; the time couldn't be met. King UU also requested a sub from opposing team due to the aforementioned issues, but no response.]

Ubers: social netwerk vs. Nui (activity) [a sub was expected in nui's response to scheduling, but none was requested in the thread]

LC: PyoroLoli vs. tcr (activity) [did not give specific details when asked to make scheduling easier]

NU: NouZeroko vs. ShadowQuinn (activity) [missed scheduling time]

UU: minakamiyuki vs. Phil de Mon (activity) [missed scheduling time]

LC: absdaddy vs. Albert. (coinflip)

NU: Fireburn vs. Brandon~ (Brrandon) (activity) [no response]

OU: ZoroarkForever vs. Ary (activity) [no response]

UU: Star. vs. ajemisOn (BasedAaron on ps) (activity) [no response]

PU: Superpowerdude vs Kaydan (activity) [no response from managers about new possible subs]

UU: -Lone vs Abso (activity)

RU: fran17 vs BrockMasterBoss (activity)

UU: Bhris Brown vs RedzoneX (activity)

NU: ShackulTheShuckle vs MFahim (coinflip)

DOU: Ruby. vs Not Canadian (coinflip)

PU: gasquakee vs. Crimson Chin (coinflip)

LC: Quote vs john (coinflip)
No hard feelings about the activity calls, but they had to be done based on the visible evidence throughout the matchmaking process. Congrats to the teams for making it to playoffs (I did point differential for cases where there were more than two 1st/2nd-placing teams, while two 1st/2nd place teams retain tiebreaker b03 rule):
Francais (1st) Vinc2612 Luckstard.
Comp. Tutoring (2nd: point differential) Eyan MrAldo
Tours (1st) Feliburn
Esp+Portuguese (2nd) xJoelituh AndrewGoncel
Mafia (1st) ajhockeystar rssp1
Underused (2nd) Hikari
RMT (1st) Alkov Snowy.
Monotype (2nd) Acast Bondie
PU (1st seed tiebreaker win) galbia Anty
Rarely Used (2nd seed) atomicllamas DTC
Ubers (1st, tiebreaker vs LC) Sweep
LC (1st, tiebreaker vs ubers) Mambo Coconut.
OM (1st, tiebreaker vs doubles: 2nd seed tbreaker loss) The Immortal
Doubles (1st, tiebreaker vs OM: 1st seed win) kamikaze17
Italiano (1st) Haund duck
Pro Wrestling (2nd) Quote Peef Rimgar
Top 16 managers, send me top 16 lineups+meta choices ASAP, as I'm aiming to post the next round no later than tomorrow. Be sure to have all metas covered rather than waiting for me to send you the final choices, as that makes this a lot easier. Top 16 matchups should be posted after we get the tiebreaker matches done, and then from there we can advance to the next round. Format: Best of 3, ou being the first game, loser picks whatever tier they want for the next game (assuming it's a PSPL tier). Deadline is 11:59 PM EST tonight. As for everyone else who didn't make it, thanks so much for participating; I hope you guys had a good time!
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