PSPL IV Group Stages: Week 3

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Same old shit but a different day
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I believe I'm supposed to be playing OU for Survivor. That's what Bon Dance told me I could do.
The Lineup of Español-Portugues is messed up, this is the correct one:

Ubers: Viduf vs. Mr.378
OU: l0ckjaw vs. Evan.
Doubles: AccidentalGenius (WorldsBestKebab in PS) vs. Shaneghoul
UU: Mr. Highways vs. Manipulative
RU: xJoelituh vs. Orphic
NU: Ren-chon vs. Kiyo
PU: Erize (Nohr in PS) vs. HJAD
LC: Luna Bakitso vs. Earth

I don't know why Erize was LC, Luna was playing LC every week :[

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