PSPL IV Group Stages: Week 3

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Banned deucer.
The Lineup of Español-Portugues is messed up, this is the correct one:

Ubers: Viduf vs. Mr.378
OU: l0ckjaw vs. Evan.
Doubles: AccidentalGenius (WorldsBestKebab in PS) vs. Shaneghoul
UU: Mr. Highways vs. Manipulative
RU: xJoelituh vs. Orphic
NU: Ren-chon vs. Kiyo
PU: Erize (Nohr in PS) vs. HJAD
LC: Luna Bakitso vs. Earth

I don't know why Erize was LC, Luna was playing LC every week :[

HJAD Earth
Quoting this because it seems you didnt see it + No edits on the OP :/
my opponent hasn't been on since June 27 and obviously hasn't replied to my vm. Claiming activity win/requesting sub


And now for something completely different
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yeah was dumb but we both qualified anyway. Gl in future rounds
Also our two rooms should've tied, there's an error saying Raiza beat Zamrock and I'm p sure he lost


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That's fine, man. Sorry, I didn't know this was happening for obvious reasons :p I'm getting back at about 3:30 est monday and tuesday, but Monday is better because I have a doctor's appointment on Tuesday. If you could be on and contact me b/w 9:30 and 10, that would be great.

Thanks again ^^
Is that 9:30 my time? If so, that works :)
Darkdevil contacted me in the morning, which I responded to at 5pm my time, and then later on (1 hour time difference between us). I've been online all day so I'm not exactly sure where I was meant to have "come" to (I guess the Italian room, but didn't come find me either). Still fine to play any time soon.
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Just wanna point out a mistake in the OP, for Mafia vs Staff, rssp beat antemortem, not the other way around ^_^
I also won vs wishes but the opposite result was recorded, tagging Dell and scpinion so they don't have to wade through all the posts to see this (sorry if I wasnt supposed to tag you both)
I put both replays here so you guys dont need to go track down where I posted the replays: vs wishes vs antemortem
e: whoops I didnt check the OP and the result this week was corrected, so ignore what I said about that one


Activity post, my opponent told me he would be there today and didn't show, I'm pretty busy these days so I don't think I can actually play this unless he wants to play during his early mornings.
posting just so i don't somehow get screwed by activity later on, but raspberry and i scheduled for today around 6-9pm gmt+1, to which he was online, i sent several pms but got no answer. However he has sent me a VM and I will get this done later on in the week :)


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All scores are updated, as well as each team's current standings (after week 2, but they'll get updated once more matches get done) included to the OP.

New: Managers, starting next week and onward, reused lineups (exception being the ones that contacted me prior to the preceding week being posted, confirming that they want to keep their lineup+vote their metas) will not be allowed to request subs/lineup changes for the following round from here on out. There were lots of cases that I had to deal with with regarding this throughout the event, and considering the large amount of teams that needed to do this for this week, I was content with giving everyone the go-ahead this round. For future cases, confirmed lineups and preferred formats need to be sent prior to the new weekly threads being posted to avoid being affected with this.
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