PSPL VI Group Stage: Week 2

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activity win request : we were supposed to play today with CloudyNatu as scheduled live, but he isn't on and didn't answer my message. I can't play later, so i'm requesting the win as he missed the scheduled time

OM room

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Calling activity; me and CB scheduled for 4:30 (Wasn't sure if he understood it as my time or his; so I waited from 3:30 --> now, just in case) and he has not shown up.

- If going by my time: He's an hour and 45 minutes late
- If by his time: 45 minutes late.

This call is for Other Metas Vs. Smogon Doubles: OM room vs cb jose altuve corvettes
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Subbing in Eclipse for Sonired

Sorry that he hasn't been around, realize thats ultimately my fault but there wasn't any effort to try and notify anyone of this, at least as far as I'm aware. Just an initial post consisting of "pspl w2 gmt -4 prefer earlier in week 3:30-8pm any day" on Monday on Sonired's VM wall.

i get it if nothing can get done at this point at its pretty much the last minute, but I'd like it if we didnt have to resort to an act call in an easily avoidable situation in pspl of all things lol

again, i get it, but if theres a change just find any of our OU auth and tell them to yell at me/Eclipse and we can get this game done.

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