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Before we start, here's all the information you need to know before reserving an analysis and some useful links to help you along the way:

Generation 6 Analysis Format
Spelling and Grammar Standards
Grammar-Prose Team Queue

For your convenience, here's a list of the current PU QC team members. Please contact these users if you need an analysis checks (for QC not GP lol):

The PU Council:
WhiteDMist (Co-Leader)
Detective Dell (Co-Leader)
Robert Alfons


Analysis Thread Tags (stolen from OU)
  • When you post your thread, be sure to use the appropriate tags for each stage of the analysis:
    • WIP - Work in Progress: The skeleton is incomplete and is not ready for the QC Team to evaluate. Keep in mind that after a 2 week period, if your skeleton is still in a WIP stage, the C&C moderators reserve the right to reassign your analysis as they see fit. Do not be lazy.
    • Quality Control - Quality Control Ready: In the thread title, include [QC: 0/3]. The skeleton is complete in bullet point form and now needs to seek approval by the QC Team. Make sure you update the thread title with the number of QC checks you currently have. ONLY WHEN YOU REACH TWO QC APPROVALS MAY YOU BEGIN WRITING THE ANALYSIS IN PARAGRAPH FORM, OTHERWISE THE ANALYSIS REMAINS IN BULLET POINTS. YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE THE THIRD QC CHECK UNTIL THE ANALYSIS IS WRITTEN.
    • Copyediting - Grammar-Prose Ready: In the set title, include [GP: 0/2]. The three required QC approvals have been met. The Grammar-Prose team now takes over. When you are ready for a GP check, please post in the Grammar-Prose Queue with a link to your analysis.
    • Done: After the analysis gets two GP stamps, the analysis is ready for upload.
  • Be sure to update your thread's tags and stamp number as you move along the process.

Analyses will be categorized in the following manner:

[Unreserved] – The analysis has not been reserved. You are free to reserve it.
[Reserved] - The analysis has been reserved. If you do not post your skeleton 72 hours after your reservation, it will be eligible to be dropped at a QC moderator's discretion.
[In Progress] – The analysis is in progress. Reservations will only last two weeks unless progress is shown or the person who made the reservation contacts me and has a legitimate excuse.
[Completed.] – The analysis has been uploaded on-site.
You have at most 72 hours after reservations to post the skeleton in at least a WIP state. You should be able to finish working on your skeleton and move to into a QC ready state after a week.

Raichu *

* = Badgeholder only, due to the analysis likely being complicated.
** = Write up only
*** = S-rank Pokemon (only the council are eligible to reserve from this list)

Beheeyem - ExplosiveChaos
Kadabra - Mysteria

Articuno - Magnemite
Aurorus - EyanZ
Basculin - Bug Catcher Will
Bastiodon - Exeggutorial
Beartic - Randa
Bouffalant - Bouffalant
Carracosta - Robert Alfons
Drifblim - Bengj
Duosion - GrimoireGod
Flareon - Magnemite
Floatzel - Water Drone
Fraxure - boltsandbombers
Garbodor - galbia
Girafarig - The Quasar
Glaceon - Blitzamirin
Glalie - galbia
Gogoat - horyzhnz
Golem - The Leprechaun
Haunter - Darnell
Kecleon - Anty
Kingler - Anty
Klang - Darnell
Luxray - Oshony PokeGod
Masquerain - Blitzamirin
Metang - ThunderBirdJack
Misdreavus - Anty
Murkrow - kevinrocks
Ninetales - Magnemite
Pelipper - Darnell
Piloswine - Magnemite
Poliwrath - Anty
Purugly - Magnemite
Quilladin - Bug Catcher Will
Rampardos - offler
Rapidash - LiepardHater
Raticate - BadPandaPancham
Regice - TheEpicBro
Rotom-F - galbia
Sawsbuck - Darnell
Serperior - TRC
Simisear - Ary
Swoobat - Psywaves
Tauros - Magnemite
Torterra - Robert Alfons
Ursaring - TONE114
Vanilluxe - gooey kirby
Victreebel - GrimoireGod
Volbeat - Mysteria
Zweilous - Punchshroom

Altaria - Darnell
Ariados - Ununhexium
Avalugg - Mysteria
Carbink - Psywaves
Chatot - Enki
Ditto - Darnell
Dodrio - Anty
Frogadier - Punchshroom
Gourgeist-S - Montsegur
Heatmor - Darnell/Anty
Hippopotas - Darnell
Huntail - Montsegur
Kricketune - scorpdestroyer
Lickilicky - boltsandbombers
Marowak - Soulblaster
Meowstic-M - Psywaves
Mightyena - LightningLuxray
Simipour - Anty
Sneasel - Magnemite
Stoutland - Montsegur
Stunfisk - Mysteria
Swanna - LightningLuxray
Tangela - Water Drone
Togetic - Darnell
Vigoroth - Anty
Vullaby - boltsandbombers
Wartortle - Darnell
Zebstrika - Soulblaster

Reservation Rules
  • If you are a badgeholder, you can reserve up to three Pokemon at one time. If you are not, you can reserve up to two Pokemon at a time.
  • Additional reservations cannot be made until your current analyses are posted and in the GP stage.
  • Pokemon with a (*) attached to it can only be reserved by badgeholders. Again, this is to ensure the critically important threats are in reliable hands for quality purposes. Pokemon without (*) are open to anyone, badged or not.
  • Post in this thread with your analysis reservations. Pay attention to the posts in front of you in case the list is not updated.
  • Do not edit your posts in this thread after an extended period of time. Double post if you wish to unreserve your Pokemon or select another one instead.
  • Not all Pokemon are able to be reserved right now. That is because PU has a huge amount of Pokemon, and it is our duty to give every fully evolved Pokemon an analysis. We have made it so only certain Pokemon can be reserved so that we don't end up with Plusle and Minun on site before Sneasel and Carracosta Musharna. We will be adding Pokemon to the Unreserved list as analyses are completed.
  • Pokemon in the S-rank of PU Viability Rankings will be dealt with only by the council members, but everyone will still retain the ability to contribute with suggestions.
Feel free to send WhiteDMist or Detective Dell a message if you have any questions or concerns. Be it that you want us to add a Pokemon to the high priority list, that you don't know how to go about doing something, or that you think a Pokemon which currently has a PU analysis should not. Any and all questions or concerns are welcome.
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Reserving Carracosta!!

Why not Rampardos as well n_n

EDIT #2;
Well, can't reserve costa,, will take Camerupt then.


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Where the fuk is Zweilous? Gimme dat shit.

Taking Frogadier as well.
Anything that is not listed in the "unreserved" list are special request only, and even then they need a convincing argument. I'm actually a fan of Zweilous, so go ahead. :) But next time, can you wait until Dell or I approve a Pokemon that isn't specifically listed as available for reservation? Thank you!


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Anything that is not listed in the "unreserved" list are special request only, and even then they need a convincing argument. I'm actually a fan of Zweilous, so go ahead. :) But next time, can you wait until Dell or I approve a Pokemon that isn't specifically listed as available for reservation? Thank you!
I assume it was forgotten, since reservation threads are expected to miss out on some viable mons, but will keep in mind :3


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Oh mag reserved Tauros already smh

I will take Carracosta then, in addition to what I got
Not reserving but I feel like monferno should be added to the list of unnreserved. Between the mix set, the rock/taunt set and the nasty plot set, monferno is an extremelly versatile Mon in this meta.
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