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Resource PU C&C Reservation List - Read OP Before Posting [Writing standards update @289]


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So QC decided to free the rest of the ranked mons, everything left is pretty bad for the most part and we've been letting people take low ranks if they ask so now they're just officially on the list. Of the stuff left, Abomasnow and Clefairy are significantly more relevant than everything else, so if people would like to do those first that would be ultra cool. They're high priority but everything else is about as important as the new things, no need for a mid priority or something. That's about it, reservations should be totally updated and hopefully I didn't mess up integrating so many mons but if there is a mistake just lmk on Discord please.
Also diinbong you can just take shiinotic, no need to wait for approval.


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While not on the list but is it possible for me to reserve luvdisc
Luvdisc is currently (and will forever be) unranked, meaning it will not receive an analysis. You're free to look at the list of Pokemon that haven't been reserved in the OP.
zard edit: it'll get an analysis, just not yet. for the moment we're only approving actually usable mons
komala in qc, mudsdale in gp so taking noctowl

jk recommended noctowl set is dual dance and I haven't used it so that's up for grabs

reserving servine instead
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