Tournament PU Podracing Challenge (aka PUtrid Path II) won by Raiza

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not as badly haxed today yey

lost vs miyoka, gg
dont have replay

won vs robert alfonso, gg

won vs shaneghoul (dog forme), gg

won vs lakeredman, gg

won vs manyy, gg

won vs cryalot, gg

lost vs taskr courtesy of one of the best plays ive ever seen, gg (watch the endgame for god play)

won vs notinfernomo, gg

sorry for excess use of whomstve if ur watching replays
For the sake of this tournament I'm going to implement a new rule for this tournament that the Champion cannot deny a battle request from someone who has beaten the Elite Four and is awaiting a Champion battle. This only makes it fair for the person challenging so that they don't get neglected. Taskr vs. dundies is gonna be a fun one, and I can't wait!
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