Tournament PU Podracing Challenge (aka PUtrid Path II) won by Raiza

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Updated everything to here. GA has unfortunately stepped down. Can we give a round of applause for GeneralAnnoyance being an incredible E4 member? Yeah! Congratulations to Dibs The Dreamer who will be filling in his position. Although Dibs will have his own separate W-L ratio and replays, we thought it would be fair for those who have won against GA to keep their wins against Dibs. Check out the spreadsheet for further details. Also congratulations to Many for dethroning Taskr and becoming Champion! You now until 6:00pm CST November 9th to dethrone Many. Best of luck to all of our PU Podracers!
Everything has been updated to here. Congrats to Raiza for dethroning Many! I'd like to apologize for not being consistent in updating everything. You have until 1:30pm CST November 13th to dethrone Raiza as the PU Podracing Champion!
lost to Taskr GenZeon gg, rip in rip rip

won vs ZeitoKrabby, bop

won vs NotInfernoMo, alsobop

won vs pinktidal, hatrbop

haxed the bipping bop out of BronzeQwartz, ty for being a good sport

lost to Tap LST, gg

lost vs cryington, gg

lost vs Sixes, playing like absolute dong tonight, gg

lost vs Drumstick geyhujiwkoelpwdefrgftjhk gg
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