Tournament PUPL V - Player Signups

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reasoning for not picking me up as a manager please? You don't like people who stand on ur way MZ? mebbe I havent' played PU enough, learned enough and won enough tours? Managing was the last thing I wanted to do to contribute in PU but it seems like u are totally hopeless. Gl everyone, my time in the ruled-by-meganerd PU is over.
It has nothing to do with me and you, the fact is everyone else had more experience and reason to be chosen than you. You have by a wide margin the least team tour experience of the chosen managers + yourself, with just exhibition under your belt. Your signup post did not increase confidence with the talk about old gens, you're certainly a good SM PU player but that level of admitted lack of old gen knowledge just objectively hurts managing prospects. For someone to be as new to the community as you with as little team tour experience to get chosen to manage is extremely rare. It was not solely my decision (Akir voted on managers as well), but it was a unanimous decision.
I'm not going to engage this further in the thread. The request for reasoning was fair, but further posts here will be deleted. Hit me up on discord if you want more.
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