Tournament PUPL V - Player Signups

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Username: Darksamurott37
Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone
Tiers Played: SM/ORAS would enjoy playing both BW and DPP
Availability: any time but school so after 4:00 pm Eastern time


Shume Pis
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Hey hahahaha

Username: Tricking
Time Zone: +2
Tiers Played: SM as it is right now. I really like USUM PU, definitely the best tier right now. A suitable environment for the best PU player ever. I can carry your team with my epic builds kek. If there are tier shifts i will be sad :(. I won't play oldgens.
Availability: enough to flex my oppo every week.

Important info:
1) undefeated in pupl except vs that poor noob named dibs.
2) why would you buy Rexus when you can have the best italian pu player ever after the big G???? But if you buy me with Rexus, BAgs of money guaranteed for your team.
3) don't leave me with HJAD thanks.
4) bench me if i have to play a yogi team.
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Username: jason genova (sith lord)
Time Zone: -4
Tiers Played: SM
Availability: Any time after classes (2pm -10 pm) on weekdays and any time weekends

I am also sam I am’s brother so he said that he can help me during the season
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