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Username: Slots Domino
Time Zone: GMT -4
Tiers Played: SM
Availability: Evenings after 4 pm EST and weekends.

I am new to singles, so therefore PU, but I've been playing VGC since the 2015 season. I've played mostly on cart on Battlespot, to simulate playing at an event, but account ChaseG33 is what I would use whenever I played on Showdown. I have a bunch of decent irl VGC placings, if you're familiar with VGC I usually do well enough to cash CP at a regional level event but I have never topped an event. I add this tidbit to show that even though this account has not climbed up the PU ladder that far yet, I have years of experience playing mons at a high level under my belt.


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Username: Oldamar999
Time Zone: UTC -4
Tiers Played: SM PU, kind of. but I am looking to improve my skills.
Availability: 4:00 PM until 10:00 PM. free on weekends
Time zone: GMT-6
Tiers played: I used to play 6th pu like crack but 7th is like a deep sexy kiss and I'mpretty damn willing to research, tell me Your 4-6th teame I'll make decent anti sandwich and bounce off before handfore
Availability: in my time zone I work 5 am-3pmish at worse. 11-1 and Thursday/Sundays are off

Let me play bullshit Ho/30 turn balance or mindless stall I will not break. I abused shednija in ou and will switch banded dodrio in on electric mons when I know they stave for grass coverage
Username: m3p0
Time zone: GMT-7
Tiers played: ORAS and SM
Availability: Weekdays (after 4 p.m.) and weekends (free for the most part)
Username: peridot_is_kamina
Timezone: GMT - 5
Tiers played: SM PU
Availability: Might be a little busy towards the end of may, but other than that, weekends, Wednesdays, work best. Either way I'll always be available to talk
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in as idk whats the name for it, support or sth along those lines, dont feel like playing rn but given the possible tier shift drops we might feel like in gen8 in a few weeks (1st of june ig), so I might as well try building some decent teams in a new meta, also last PUPL was terrible af teambuilding-wise
here to chill, win-or-win managers not my cup of tea. Some room for fun isn't asking too much, I hope so.
free cryogonal please #freecryogonal. cross my fingers
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