Random Pokemon Tournament Round 2

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Oh, its Coronis again!

Well, this way i can revenge the loss that you brought to me in our first tournament match ;) However, it looks like things can't go wrong with Arceus on my side xD

GL to you, i'll build my team asap, though i must admit that i'm quite busy atm!

Have a good day


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MegaTrumpetDude and I have properly contacted each other and will most likely do our battle next week. Since MegaTrumpetDude said he has a busy week right now.

as powerful as soul dew latios draco meteor is, i really only needed it for clean up. Orbdactyl, ghostbusting clefable, and mystic water gyarados were the real stars.

gg man
Basic activity post. I'm busy this week, so I'll most likely start working on my team Sunday. Sonius is done his team, I'll PM him when I'm done.
confirming. sorry about the freeze (I'm not sure that it would have made much of a difference at that point though I probably sound like an ass saying that)

A.P hasn't been online for 3 days. I hope/think that he'll be online soon, but it's becoming a trend that my opponents for this tournament don't show up
I'm afraid i have to drop out :( I just don't find the time to build a team, so i'll give the win to Coronis!

Sorry for the trouble!

Have a good day
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