Random Pokemon Tournament Round 2

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Won vs Jimbo 1-0 due to a timed crit with U-Turn.

I didnt think that Latias would be so annoying until I saw it walled my whole team :(


take me anywhere
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Bah, I gave Rey a rematch after he d/ced near the beginning and I get haxed to death. So much for good karma ~_~
But I thought subs could only occur in R1 because otherwise that's like giving the substitute a free pass into Round X. Or am I mistaken? This is the first time I've seen a substitution occur past Round 1.
A.P was offline for a week. He has been online for 2 days and now he's offline again. We did exchange some words and managed to set the battle for Saterday. I hope he's online then, but I have faith
beat ryo in a tight 1-0 match, i got a very lucky flinch with my shiftry that basically won me the game. gg
I'm afraid I'm going to have to quit the tourney. I've had way too much come up over the past month or so for me to continue on with it. Sonuis wins the round via forfeit. EDIT: Oops, I forgot about the subs.
Yehom and I finally battled.

Beat him 4-0, in a completely haxy game. Sorry for all the hax, gg Yehom.
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