Tournament Rands Slam III - Playoffs (Won by Michielleus!)

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MichaelderBeste2 vs 35Q71N - I don't like germans
snorlax142857 vs Eeveeto - I like snorlax
Kaneki-san vs Piapia - I don't like weebs
HaunterBoy28 vs RSB - I'm scared of ghosts
MrSoup vs platinumCheesecake - I like soup more than cheesecake
Amaranth vs Kinetic1000 - I like the letter A
mj vs PikaPlayer - I like michael jackson
Clementine vs paolode99 - I like flowers
Sylveon used calm mind vs Medeia - I don't like germans
Fant'sy Beast vs Wait2Seconds - I don't like waiting
Casual dot exe vs Failbor - I don't like failing
Lrogue vs Michielleus - I don't like going rogue
Shadows4 vs livid washed - I like showering
Luchik vs RandomPopplio - Popplio is worst gen 7 starter
LoSconosciuto vs JJ09LIE - I don't like italians
MichaelderBeste2 vs. 35Q71N: Now I know when it comes to randbats, it doesn't apply as much; however, if there was ever a reason to be a high seed, it is to avoid this man for as long as possible. Michael has shown great playmaking across many different generations and tiers. He is an incredibly good player who I've rarely seen make any egregious misplays. Kudos should be given to the newer player in 35 who has gone through a big tiebreaker to qualify for Randslams. Who knows, he may just get upset, but for now, if I'm a betting man, I'm going with Michael on this one.

Snorlax 142857 vs. Eeveeto I have had the pleasure of playing Eeveeto in the Game Boy Classic, and I have to say he's quite a solid player. Normally, people who are older tend to live in the past and refuse to accept the newer tiers, but he has had a strong showing in Gen 9 races as well. This is an extremely close series, imo. I would probably give gens 7 and doubles to Snorlax and Gameboy Classic/9/8 to Eeveeto.

HaunterBoy28 vs. RSB: Alright, so this is interesting. I am definitely favoring Haunted Boy in this matchup. One advantage where being a higher seed comes into play is that Haunter can now effectively increase his odds in his mu in RSB's best tier, which is Gameboy Classic. I do believe he can pick the format he wants, so if he doesn't want to get lost in the sauce of the weird older generation mechanics, he can just focus on knowing the generation 3 mechanics. Besides Gameboy, I do think Haunterboy is the overall better player based on the gameplay that I've seen.

Mrsoup vs. Platinum Cheesecake How can you not give it to Soup on this one? He has just come off a great win in the Gen 9 open. Solid older generation player and now solid newer generation player as well, it seems.

Amaranth vs. Kinetic 1000: Siding with the more experienced Randbats player here

mj vs. PikaPlayer: giving it to mj here.

Clementine vs. Paolode99: The returning Randslams winner is now back to claim his throne for the second year in a row. After he beat Michael in last year's slams, he was definitely more on my radar. He has had great performances across the board in all the openers, not losing the first few rounds in any of them. He is a well-rounded and great player, and it will take a herculean effort from Paolode99 to win this series.

Sylveon used a calm mind vs. Medeia. Siding with Sylveon here

Fantasy Beast vs. Wait2Seconds: Fantasy Beast is a very solid player, giving him the win here for sure.

Casual dot exe vs. Failbor I am not entirely certain that both of these players will give it to CDE.

Lrogue vs. Michielleus: Michielleus is a well-rounded Rands player and has been around the scene for some time now, so I'll give him the win here. Not too familiar with Lrogue.

Shadows 4 vs. Livid Washed: Up in the air, I'm not familiar with both of these players and can't determine who can pull away with a win based on their open performances.

Luchik vs. RandomPopplio: I'm not entirely certain about both of these players, so I went back and looked at their open performances. Luchik has won in HC, and to this day I still have no idea how it is played, but Popplio has shown pretty good results in some prominent gens, so I'll give him the win on this one.

LoSconosciuto vs. JJ09LIE: I've known JJ for a good while now; he is the first person I met when I started running. With the bias lens off, I do believe he does have the edge. JJ is a well-rounded player; he plays well and knows what his strengths are. Loscon is definitely no walk in the park; he has a pretty strong advantage in doubles, but in the other tiers, I definitely have to give the edge to JJ.


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The rankings are in, the prep has been prepped, it's time for...

Round One
trainer cards by the wonderful and talented Clementine!


MichaelderBeste2 vs 35Q71N
DS Classic, Gen 8, Gen 9, Multi Factory, Multi Hackmons


snorlax142857 vs Eeveeto
Gameboy Classic, Gen 8, Gen 9, Gen 9 Doubles, Multi Hackmons


Kaneki-san vs Piapia
DS Classic, Gameboy Classic, Gen 9, Gen 9 Doubles, Multi Factory


HaunterBoy28 vs RSB
DS Classic, Gen 8, Gen 9, Gen 9 Doubles, Multi Hackmons


MrSoup vs platinumCheesecake
DS Classic, Gameboy Classic, Gen 9, Gen 9 Doubles, Multi Hackmons


Amaranth vs Kinetic1000
DS Classic, Gameboy Classic, Gen 7, Gen 8, Gen 9


mj vs PikaPlayer
Gen 7, Gen 8, Gen 9, Multi Factory, Multi Hackmons


Clementine vs paolode99
DS Classic, Gen 7, Gen 8, Gen 9, Multi Factory

yes or no my dude.png

Lady Writer vs Yes or no my dude
DS Classic, Gameboy Classic, Gen 8, Gen 9, Multi Factory

Sylveon used calm mind.png

Sylveon used calm mind vs Medeia
Gameboy Classic, Gen 8, Gen 9, Multi Factory, Multi Hackmons

Fant'sy Beast.png

Fant'sy Beast vs Wait2Seconds
DS Classic, Gen 7, Gen 8, Gen 9, Multi Factory

Casual dot exe.png

Casual dot exe vs Failbor
DS Classic, Gen 7, Gen 9, Gen 9 Doubles, Multi Factory


Lrogue vs Michielleus
DS Classic, Gameboy Classic, Gen 7, Gen 8, Multi Factory

livid washed.png

Shadows4 vs livid washed
Gameboy Classic, Gen 7, Gen 8, Gen 9, Multi Factory


Luchik vs RandomPopplio
Gameboy Classic, Gen 7, Gen 9, Multi Factory, Multi Hackmons


LoSconosciuto vs JJ09LIE
Gameboy Classic, Gen 7, Gen 8, Gen 9, Multi Factory

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It took me one hour to write part of the predictions but I deleted my post by mistake because I am an idiot so here is a shortened version of them:

(1) MichaelderBeste2 vs (32) 35Q71N: Michael is Michael so he is likely to win but I have nothing to lose
Prediction: 3-1 Michael

(2) snorlax142857 vs (31) Eeveeto: balanced series, Snorlax can play well everything and has the advantage in doubles and he can pick first
Prediction: 3-2 Snorlax

(3) Kaneki-san vs (30) Piapia: Kaneki is better in modern gens, and definitely better in doubles. Pia is great in gen 6 and has chances even in the formats the opponent picked. Still, I'll go with Kaneki
Prediction: 3-1 Kaneki

(4) HaunterBoy28 vs (29) RSB: Rusty should have picked differently imo (even if I now know why he made those choices) but he is still a great all rounder. Haunter is having a breakout year and he is probably the most improved player in the community with Fant'sy
Prediction: 3-1 Haunter

(5) MrSoup vs (28) platinumCheesecake: Gen 2, Hackmons and Doubles incoming...yikes! Platty can take it to 5 if he wins HC and dubs but Soup is better in the other three formats. I fear we won't have the pizza showdown Platty :c
Prediction: 3-1 Soup

(6) Amaranth vs (27) Kinetic1000: Ama is VERY good in past gens and still solid in modern gens as well. Kinetic might have been lucky in their run in gen 9 (R1C3M4N you are a dummy and you know it, sir x)) but luck can't be the sole reason why you reach finals in such a big open. Moreover, they have played only in 4 tournaments and got 5 points in the DS Open, so they should not be underestimated. Still, Amaranth is a strong candidate to win it all, so...
Prediction: 3-0 Amaranth

(7) mj vs (26) PikaPlayer: mj is better but he is also a bit cursed in this circuit. Maybe he has been saving all his luck for this moment? I am just going to trust my gut and predict the upset, but mj badly deserves a clean series
Prediction: 3-2 PikaPlayer

(8) Clementine vs (25) paolode99: Clem needs no introduction and they are favorite in the matchup and I admit I am still very oblivious about Paolo's skills except for watching two of his series. He beat strong opponents in the circuit this year (most notably Blade), so I am sure he is going to put a good fight against Clem
Prediction: 3-1 Clem

(9) Lady Writer vs (24) Yes or no my dude: I would be very disappointed if we don't have a good amount of trash talking in this series. Jokes aside (not really), it's another series I am looking forward to seeing because I really don't know how it's going to end. I'll go with LW just because he can pick gen 1 first, but if he starts getting unlucky there is also a good chance he is going to mald, tilt and maybe get locked. Ah, and commit tax fraud
Prediction: 3-2 LW

(10) Sylveon used calm mind vs (23) Medeia: Sylveon is most definitely not so cute but he is most definitely so skilled. He is one of the favorites to win it all (my only concerns about his chances rely on doubles and gen 1 and 2), so it's impossible for me to bold against him. I think Medeia is going to win at least one game between Classic and HC but Sylv is too good in modern gens
Prediction: 3-1 Dolliv guy

(11) Fant'sy Beast vs (22) Wait2Seconds: this match has been already played so no prediction this time (I had Fant'sy in 5). I'll just say Fant'sy has improved a lot this year and I am rooting for him in future tours because he has been a great presence in team Togepi's server. W2S is becoming less and less underrated and more more properly rated, because he is definitely very solid at mons
PS: Why didn't you pick doubles? :(

(12) Casual dot exe vs (21) Failbor: CDE should have the upper hand in everything but doubles
Prediction: 3-1 CDE

(13) Lrogue vs (20) Michielleus: Lrogue's prize for qualifying for slam and getting a higher seed of the best players in modern gens. Tough luck for sure and I rate dutch Michi very highly, but Lrogue can pick first (Classic?) and he knows how to play everything well. I'll have to go with Michi in 5 though, even if I'd love my friend to win, also because Michielleus has the most cursed pfp ever and I hate it so so much (sorry but I had to finally write this somewhere lol)
Prediction: 3-2 distorted DiCaprio

(14) Shadows4 vs (19) livid washed: Shadows might not be in a great period of form BUT he can pick first AND also force :O to play gen 8 and cause him emotional distress. To return serious, Livid is a VERY good player and he can adapt to pretty much everything, so I'll pick him to win the series
Prediction: 3-1 Livid

(15) Luchik vs (18) RandomPopplio: Luchi is a unique player in the sense that they are very good at very different formats like gen 1, 8 and Hackmons, but not only that (they won a game in gen 5 in wcor, for instance). Random Popplio might not be very well knows in the community but this is the second partecipation in a row for Rands Slam, so they are no slouch when it comes down to mons. I think Luchi wins in 4 because they are THAT good and also because I am biased x)
Prediction: 3-1 Luchik

(16) LoSconosciuto vs (17) JJ09LIE: Last but not least, one of the most interesting matchups in this round! Modern gens showdown except for...oh gosh, Losco is going to pick gen 2, isn't he? JJ is a phenomenal player and he has his chances in this series, but I feel like Losco can play everything JJ does but just a tad better
Prediction: 3-1 Losco

(It took me more than another hour to finish the predictions. Help)
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