Tournament Rands Slam III - Playoffs (Won by Michielleus!)

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Thank you to the entire Sweet Sixteen, who sent in their Opens rankings in a timely manner! We can proceed immediately to...

Round Two
trainer cards by the wonderful and talented Clementine!


MichaelderBeste2 vs LoSconosciuto
Gameboy Classic, Gen 8, Gen 9, Gen 9 Doubles, Multi Factory


snorlax142857 vs Luchik
DS Classic, Gameboy Classic, Gen 9, Gen 9 Doubles, Multi Hackmons

livid washed.png

Kaneki-san vs livid washed
Gameboy Classic, Gen 7, Gen 9, Gen 9 Doubles, Multi Factory


MrSoup vs Failbor
DS Classic, Gameboy Classic, Gen 7, Gen 9, Gen 9 Doubles


Amaranth vs Wait2Seconds
DS Classic, Gameboy Classic, Gen 9 Doubles, Multi Factory, Multi Hackmons

Sylveon used calm mind.png

mj vs Sylveon used calm mind
Gameboy Classic, Gen 7, Gen 8, Gen 9, Multi Factory


Clementine vs Lady Writer
Gameboy Classic, Gen 7, Gen 8, Gen 9, Multi Factory


Michielleus vs RSB
Gen 7, Gen 8, Gen 9, Gen 9 Doubles, Multi Factory
MichaelderBeste2 vs LoSconosciuto -
snorlax142857 vs Luchik -
Kaneki-san vs livid washed -
MrSoup vs Failbor -
Amaranth vs Wait2Seconds -
mj vs Sylveon used calm mind -
Clementine vs Lady Writer -
Michielleus vs RSB -
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Prediction format with the objectively correct predictions already filled in for your convenience.

MichaelderBeste2 vs LoSconosciuto
snorlax142857 vs Luchik
Kaneki-san vs livid washed
vs Failbor
Amaranth vs Wait2Seconds
mj vs Sylveon used calm mind
vs Lady Writer
Michielleus vs RSB

Only good players left though, anything can go either way


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MichaelderBeste2 vs LoSconosciuto - The highlight among all these interesting match ups, my money for the rands slam is on whoever emerges victorious here. I think michael as an edge everywhere but classic, where it depends on who picks first and which format is chosen. Must watch, anyway

snorlax142857 vs Luchik - I'm surprised to see no gen8 as both players were spamming it while it was cg. Snorlax also probably has an edge everywhere but in gameboy classic as luchik will be at home playing gen1. Both are notable hc players, each of them having won one of the opens in the past. Another of the many highlights for sure.

Kaneki-san vs livid washed - Livid dodged the Sw/Sh bullet this time. Kaneki had a lot of points coming from gameboy classic but it's also where livid is notoriously strong. Overall Kaneki should be slightly favored, especially in dubs and maybe (?) in factory, but i'll never count the aussie out.

MrSoup vs Failbor - I feel like, although Failbor is definitely strong, MrSoup slightly outclasses them in every singles formats. Dubs, it's another story. I would have ranked Failbor's chances to win higher and higher as they play more recent gens, but MrSoup masterclass in the gen9 singles open made me change my mind recently.

Amaranth vs Wait2Seconds - This one is going to be very interesting. Gameboy classic should go to amaranth, most likely, as they're notably strong at both gsc and adv rands. DS classic should favor w2s, as he's a BW demon truly; assuming they'll both get the formats they want here. Amaranth played DOU, among all the formats they played in their profuse career i'd say, but i never saw them actually play the rands version of doubles so i have no insights other than the fact i know they're good at picking up rands format they never played before. A lot of words to say that if it comes down to HC I'll be laughing my ass out. But w2s may just slay anyway

mj vs Sylveon used calm mind - I'm surprised to see gameboy classic here and idk what to expect. Other than that, slight edge to sylv despite the fact they're both very potent in modern gens, so it could go either way really.

Clementine vs Lady Writer - Another tight match up, probably really comes down to which of the gameboy classic format is picked. LW may have an edge in gen9, other than that i'd say it's fairly equal on paper. Mais vas-y Clem prend le 2ème titre!!

Michielleus vs RSB - The only match up where they purely embraced modernity and all formats are gen7 or later. I think this should favor Michielleus here as he'll be playing his cards mostly. But RSB is no stranger to beating strong players, so this one should be interesting as well!!
MichaelderBeste2 vs. LoSconosciuto: If there is ever a match to know the time and date of it will be this matchup. This is a high-quality matchup and will be very interesting to watch. I confess I have never seen Michael gaming in old gens, and Loscon embraces the old generation, even going so far as to prefer picking Gen 2 as a format. I imagine Michael will want to bolster his chances in this format as much as possible and pick Gen 3. Michael will have a clear advantage in Gen 8 rands and factory format. While for Loscon, I will give him the edge in doubles. Gen 9 could go to either one since I do think they are pretty even in this tier. Based on pure gameplay, I will give Michael the edge in this matchup.

Snorlax 142857 vs. Luchik You know, ironically enough, for both of them, I've chosen their opponents to come out as the winners, so honestly, I have no idea where this series is headed. These are also the only two players to my knowledge who love and have actively chosen hackmons as their preferred format (to this day, I still have no idea what this tier is). The only format I would give Luchik an advantage in would be the DS format. It looks like Snorlax has a slight edge in the remaining tiers, especially doubles. So my pick will be Snorlax.

Mr. Soup vs. Failbor: Soup is in top form and is also one of the players who could win this whole thing. Failbor is also a solid player; he has played in many tiers and knows his way around mons. Failbor has the clear advantage in doubles, but the rest of the tiers have to give it soup based on open performances alone.

Amaranth vs. Wait2Seconds: Both solid players, but I have to give it to Amaranth for this one. Amaranth is an all-rounder and has had strong performances across all openings. W2S won't be a walk in the park, and I definitely favor him in doubles. This will definitely be a very interesting series.

mj vs. Sylveon used a calm mind. Honestly, I'm not sure too much about mj, but Sylveon has been around the block when it comes to randbats. I'll give him the edge; for sure, he has the experience and playmaking to win this.

Clementine vs. Lady Writer: I cannot bold against the defending champion in Clementine. After a dominating round 1 performance, they have shown themselves to be a strong competitor. I know people are giving Michael the best chance of winning, but in my opinion, Clementine is probably my favorite to win it all. If both Michael and Clementine do win, they will have a rematch, and who knows, maybe Clementine is just Michael's Achilles heel. We all have that one player, and this might be Michaels.

Michielleus vs vs.RSB: You know what? I'm going to throw caution to the wind and give this to RSB. I don't think I have given this man enough credit. He has beaten Haunter in round 1, who has been in great form. Michielleus is no walk in the park, though he is a strong player and competitor. Giving it to RSB ultimately, though.
Everyone's really good so I have no right appraising their skills, but gambling is fun
MichaelderBeste2 vs LoSconosciuto
snorlax142857 vs Luchik
Kaneki-san vs livid washed
MrSoup vs Failbor
Amaranth vs Wait2Seconds
mj vs Sylveon used calm mind
vs Lady Writer
Michielleus vs RSB
Time for more predictions! (I had to rewrite them...for the second week in a row)

(1) MichaelderBeste2 vs (16) LoSconosciuto: as the people before me said, this is probably the most hyped matchup of the round and it could have easily been the final. I really wish we go to g5 to spectate some high quality rands matches but I'll go with Michael in 4 because their last series never went to the final game (gl Losco though!)
Prediction: 3-1 Mdb

(2) snorlax142857 vs (15) Luchik: two great players that I wish didn't face each other in what I think will be a balanced series. The only "closed" series I can see is gen 9 doubles, but both players can get a win in the other formats. Doubles been picked is the reason why I am favoring lax
Prediction: 3-2 Snorlax

(3) Kaneki-san vs (19) livid washed: I am picking the upset for this clash. Kaneki is obviously very solid, as we have seen in the last two series, but Livid can play well all the formats that got picked and should have the edge in some of them (like classic and gen 7). I think it's another series that will end in 5 games
Prediction: 3-2 Livid

(5) MrSoup vs (21) Failbor: Failbor surprised CDE and should not be underestimated and I think he'll win in doubles. At the same time, Soup can count on his great results in gen 9, DS Open and his prowess as a gen 2 main to win the series.
Prediction: 3-1 Soup

(6) Amaranth vs (22) Wait2Seconds: Italy vs France, part 2. There was a lot of chatter in the auth server about this series and it's cool to see split predictions for it. I am very surprised to see Hackmons, Factory and doubles (I had no idea Amaranth played doubles, thanks Tarrem for the heads up) and these should probably be the most important games, given that I expect GB and DS to go to their respective mains. I am going with my fellow italian because I think they are the more experienced and versatile player in such formats
Prediction: 3-1 Amaranth

(7) mj vs (10) Sylveon used calm mind: similarly to Michael vs Losco, I think there is a strong overlap between the formats picked by these players. Needless to say, I am especially looking forward to seeing the gen 8 game, but the series should be a lot of fun for every match. Sylveon is just a tad better imo so I'll give him the win in 4
Prediction: 3-1 Sylveon

(8) Clementine vs (9) Lady Writer: another series that should be very balanced and entertaining. LW has gotten better and better but Clem is the defending champion and one of the best rands players (and not only). Is this LW's time to shine? I think it's not yet, but it will be soon. For the moment, I'll go with a 3-2 for Clem
Prediction: 3-2 Clementine

(20) Michielleus vs (29) RSB: is Rusty going to rig all the way through the finals? Jokes aside, even if he got lucky last week, he is a great all rounder, who will always have a chance against everyone. The problem is that Michi dutch has already faced a great all rounder and won (I know about the matchups Rogue, I know), so I find it hard to bold against him this time
Prediction: 3-1 Michielleus

I pray next time I won't delete my drafts anymore smh


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feels hella lame to not even get to play g5 because of main being laggy, im incredibly frustrated at that but w/e PS didnt want me to even try

on a happier note, huge thanks to sharpclaw, Javi and Fragments for hosting this edition of Slam, it was definitely a lot of fun and im very happy to see opens like DS / GB be actual things instead of Classic which was... not great?
big shoutouts to every single rands auth who hosted an open, been there done that & i know how annoying it can be to deal with everything going on
see yall next year for slam IV

MichaelderBeste2 vs LoSconosciuto - should be finals but brackets are unfair, I think this is closer than what most people expect but Michael still has the edge over LoSco, especially in Factory formats

snorlax142857 vs Luchik - as much as I love Luchik it doesn't feel right bolding against snorlax, they're definitely top contender for the title with Michael & Amaranth (foreshadowing)

Kaneki-san vs livid washed - once again super underrated, I wouldn't be surprised if Kaneki won it all in the end

MrSoup vs Failbor - legit no idea sorry

Amaranth vs Wait2Seconds - as foreshadowed before, Amaranth is gonna be finalist for rands slam III, and likely winner

mj vs Sylveon used calm mind - might be the first time ever that I bold Sylveon LOL

Michielleus vs RSB - very neutral here, Michi has been impressive for quite a long time now, but RSB is a looming threat & a very good player

anyways see yall in rbtt
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