Tournament Rands Slam III - Playoffs (Won by Michielleus!)

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Lady Writer vs Michielleus - gameboy classic will most definitely give the upper hand to LW, especially with his trusted expertise in gen1; but he also hates dubs, so I can imagine this is Michi's pick. Interesting. In the singles gens I give an edge to LW, bf I have no clue it's a shitty format anyway but I think the dutch is a bit more experienced there.

Sylveon used calm mind vs livid washed - Sylv will prob get the gen8 madness out of control for LW, but idt they have any advantage in gen7 and gen9; gameboy classic it's an easy upper hand for the kangaroo but it's not a free win either. bssf prob favours sylv, but we never know.

Overall LW wins theses semis
There are probably three main narratives we can hope for the finals:
1) LW vs LW
2) Team Benelux clash
3) LW vs Sylveon in the battle of supreme cringe

Needless to say, I am going with none of these options for my predictions x)

(9) Lady Writer vs (20) Michielleus: LW probably had the toughest path so far and he overcame all those challenges brilliantly. Now he is going to face another Michi and the formats are exactly the same of the previous series. Assuming once againthat Classic goes to LW and doubles to Michi, the other three series are extremely balanced on paper. I'll trust my gut and go with the upset but LW is probably just a tad favorite
Prediction: 3-2 Michielleus

(10) Sylveon used calm mind vs (19) livid washed: Sylveon can save himself from gen 1 and 2 and he knows how to play the other formats. Livid can obviously play well in these formats too but I see him a bit behind from the peaks Sylveon can reach, especially in gen 8. It's also true he can click that big auth button...
Prediction: 3-1 Sylv

Hopefully we can have semis and finals before the end of the week :o
livid washed (48) vs Michielleus (52)

Favoring livid in oldgens and Michi in 8 and dubs but as both are great it could come down to gen 9 beneluck really anything

also if Michi wins the lower seed will have won all series in QF onwards (just like Slam I!)
glhf both, looking forward to the series
On one hand we have a legendary benelux player

On the other hand we have a legendary benelux player


I consider this an absolute win

GL to both, I felt bad losing R1, but this final makes up for that, such an amazing year for Benelux Randbats and such amazing people in this final
On one hand we have the guy I hate the most on ps at the moment

On the other hand we have the guy whose pfp here on Smogon I hate the most

I consider this as an absolute loss


livid washed (19) vs Michielleus (20): unfunny jokes aside (I consider both of them nice people and great players), I really hope we go to game 5 because I think there is a lot of potential to spectate a very balanced series , especially for the gen9 (singles and doubles) and DS Classic games. On paper gen 2 (yay...) and gen 8 should be a "safer" prediction to make for the winner. I'll go with the dutchman because I think he can do just a little bit better in gen 9 but as I said, both would be deserving winners who should offer a great spectacle in this series
Prediction: 3-2 Michielleus
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