RBY Borderline Tournament (Round 1)

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well, Anyone was a good sport, and made me eat my words about how I never get good luck. I haxed him for a 4-0 win. Sorry.
I got 6-0ed by Council lol. I don't think I should have used a mono water team especially with the fact that he led with Jolteon. Well GG.


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sarcasm aside. when are u free to do this? and what server have u been using lately i haven't seen you around.
Available almost whenever you want (before 8am, after 4pm), just gimme a day and a time. I don't regularly hang out on NB, but with all the server war things going on lately I'm not sure what to do about it anyway.
Just talked to hk, his team isn't ready yet so we're going to battle in an hour or two

edit: argh pr and smogon are both down
LOL Mekkah. I actually laughed at your reply!! Me and Judgement are close, we talk alot .... he didnt even mind one bit about what I said......

Stop over reacting u ass
What Noobster said. You really are dumb, aren't you?

Either way, on-topic: Lesm hasn't responded yet though I see he's on mIRC usually.
When's the deadline for this btw? Alienjesus have set a date and its September 21, Thursday, I hope the deadline isn't anytime soon.

EDIT: I meant September obviously... I was... thinking of something else as I typed the post :p
heh, after seeing what Noobster wrote I was actually gonna send u a "PM" Mekkah, saying I was sorry. cause you was just trying to defend someone and that showed much much u cared about the smogon community.

But now I'm starting to have second thoughts. =/
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