RBY Cup IV - Round 1

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opp gave me the win
Opp gave me the win as per vm. Idk the sub situation but I will take a sub too.
Subs for participants who drop out will be made tonight. If there are any other players who no longer wish to participate, please let me know today.

Subs for players who have not made contact or not responded to contact will be reviewed tomorrow and posted on Tuesday or Wednesday. Everyone, be sure to get in contact with your opponent SOON if you have not already, and POST EVIDENCE on VM.

5 players have explicitly dropped out. The first 5 subs have been pulled in. New match-ups are:

senorfresco vs Da-Eevee-king
iEvils vs snagaa
GustavoYAY vs Algeria4Ever
Jos223 vs Genesis7
Hiken1133 vs Bedschibaer

Original deadline stands, as it's only Monday. I will be reviewing contact activity tomorrow to assign the next wave of substitutes. I will be reviewing contact activity on Smogon VMs only and I will be very clinical so please, for your own protection, post confirmation of contact on your opponent's wall if you have not already done so.
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