RBY Cup IV - Round 1

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Here it is, friends. The big sub list you've been waiting for. New matchups ...

TOLML vs Shakaji
thecreatorMS vs Groudon
Fireon1234 vs Fear
Omee190402 vs KuraiTenshi26
JDFS vs Padlin
Trelloant vs Drud
Dj Breloominati♬ vs Tzara
excelphantom vs Sakito
The Quasar vs FDK
Blitzburgh vs praj.pran
Diophantine vs TDK
Caetano93 vs Mr.378
GreyPowerVan vs Rodriblutar
mantominecraft vs roystopror
michy47 vs Melle2402
Myu151 vs ridk021
OliPlayzHD2 vs Oltan
fouyo4 vs Lunar.
fran17 vs Akiko Yosano
RealJD32 vs Mounts
esauldankmaster vs obii
Shogarth vs Kebab mlml
Sagiri-chan vs OP
Real FV13 vs BKC
davidness vs davidTheMaster (this was completely random I swear and it cracked me up)
Niel101 vs FlamingVictini
Thatsjustpeachy vs Pohjis

EDITED TO ADD: Again, since it's only Tuesday, the original deadline of end-of-day Sunday stands.

I will likely do one last round of subs tomorrow.
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activity post
my opponent has been last seen yesterday but has not been replying to my post on their profile since Sunday.
If they're online then I'd love to play but I've got no response so far.
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