RBY Cup VIII - Round 2

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SOM/05 over Melle2402
GaryTheGengar over RexLaurentio
Ctown6 over Huston
Green on fire over Sheik :
Yelodash over dice
Descending over ToastedBunzzz02
Indulge in dreams over luck_yue
stunner047 over ciwuyue
Justamente over Mitchy26
crucify over Coradion
uternran over Xlez7
Thildema over Crunter
SoulWind over obziliestion
SaDiSTiCNarwhal over Ravenna
HolgrapicMetloaf over Reymedy
Undorian over Venuus vc
Hydronics over phantomclaw8888
M Dragon over Yeefer
Malekith over SiTuM
Amaranth over Mothcaster
NEWAL over Federico segu
Luigi over fakenagol
Hobojoe28 over ECPkmn

tommyy over Ganso
DIMMIDIMMI over Frrf DIMMIDIMMI won but didn't report
eeverdreeamer over Hyssou
Ignore the second one, originally the decision was a coinflip but then changed to an activity win.

BlazingDark  vs  chuva de perereca
emma  vs  Drifting
EviGaro  vs  Chiles Habaneros
Deezcastforms  vs  txitxas
Raiza  vs  Neko

Please contact me or a Tournament Director with any questions, comments, or concerns regarding the activity calls. Round 3 is coming shortly.
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